Saturday, November 28, 2009

As Christmas Nears

Our Thanksgiving celebration was really nice, it is a wonderful feeling to be surrounded by all my family and even a few friends. The rest of my family got together at my sister's but my little family core is already too large and too loud, with seven grand kids many of them under the age of five things can get chaotic fairly fast.

Thanksgiving is the day set aside from the year to reflect and to give thanks for what we have, for what we accomplished, for what we love. These days the Thanksgiving Celebration is being overshadowed by the commercialization of Christmas, but truth be told, there are many of us wanting to extend the Christmas season just a little longer. After all, Christmas does bring the best in most people, aside the never ending amounts of food, and the ever present commercials and ads, people tend to be nicer that they would normally be during the rest of the year.

Thanksgiving being a special day all on its own has come to be the kick off to the Christmas Season. Most of us will start assembling Christmas trees the very next day. Mi chica and I decided on a real tree this year so we will wait until December to get it but the Christmas decorations went up the Friday after Thanksgiving. I am already in that warm fuzzy feeling associated with Christmas.

Yes, the presents and the food is a nice and important part of the Christmas season but I prefer the part where people warm up to each other. Goodwill, compassion, and most importantly love are the least expensive and yet the most important gifts we can give each other.

I am so looking forward to the remaining days of the year. I am ready and willing to share them and enjoy them to the max, and you all are invited. Be a part of my Christmas, and allow me to be a part of yours, that will be the best gift.

How about you? Are you ready to find out about the reason for the season?

Fifteen stockings hanging this year. Next year three more will be added.

Mi chica loves to set her table. It looks different every year.

Some very cozy pillows.

Yes people, I believe in Santa!



Nikki said...

Woo Hoo! *mi mi mi mi mii* Happy Holliidaaayyyssss!!

ChrisJ said...

Great post, Jose. People mean more than presents!

MrManuel said...

Love everything about it......except the Christmas music.

kika said...

something is wrong here... I have not decorated one bit of my house! But yours looks nice!

Wanda said...

Yeah!!!! I'm glad I'm not the only one that shares Christmas Decorations....

Jose and warm and cozy... But I didn't see my stocking hanging up there.... What's with that????

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