Friday, November 13, 2009

Proyecto Tres - The Office

So Wednesday mi chica had a day off so she started the task of cleaning the office. We had pushed lots of stuff first from the den to the living room and then to the office so her cleaning it made it so much easier for me to move things around.

The office has some special pieces in it, starting with the sewing machine that once belonged to my mother in law. The old desk came to us from a school in Los Angeles via my brother in law. It most likely served many teachers and students before coming to us. I imagine it's very old, it has already been ours for the past nine years.

To the left the old desk, and to the right the old sewing machine stand.

The empty wall in front of the desk will soon have a custom shelf designed specifically to house my DVD collection as well as my die cast car collection and hopefully a television too.

So, for now it looks kindda empty, the walls are still bare with the exception of my Harley Davidson poster hanging behind the desk but that will soon change too. I am excited about the art that has been sent to me by some of my blogger friends and I am proud to display it in my house. The paintings sent to me are by far better and more meaningful than anything I can buy at a store and that most likely was mass produced.

Mi chica may start working from home soon and I want the office to be as confortable and efficient as possible. So for now this is where we are with it. Here are a few more shots.



Nikki said...

Just like the old office!

Chely said...

I can hardly wait to see pictures up on the walls. So far, so good! Is the bedroom next???

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