Thursday, November 12, 2009

Thursday Tidbits

It's Thursday and I have nothing new. Everything is pretty much the same these days. Since the second set of "Ducks" got their own apartment we have been occupying ourselves with the cleaning and rearranging furniture, but that will end soon. Then eventually we will have to figure out how to replace some of our furniture as some things are in really bad shape. For now we will make do with what we have and so far we are not doing too bad.

We did clean our office last night but it still needs more items added to make it feel more comfortable. I will have a shelf built which will house all of my DVD case collection and a lot of my collectible die cast cars, when finished it will be a focal point in that little office. I also have to make sure mi chica feels good in it because pretty soon she may be working from home and it needs to be a place where she can concentrate and feel relaxed. I'll do a posting on it so you can see the progress on it.

While listening to Blondie's "The The Tide is High" and singing along I caught me saying "I'm not that kind of girl" and then said crap I need to rephrase this. Why do guys sing along to cool songs meant for women? We should have a switch or button that says "Not authorized to sing this".

Our weather has been wonderful these days, definitely been enjoying driving with the top down. While in many places back east they already have snow or ice we are still wearing t-shirts and shorts. Now, where else but in Arizona you can do this. I love my state. Now, if I only had a few dollars to spare and get my bike serviced and registered again I would be a happier fellow.

The countdown begins, next week I will only work for four days and then I'll be taking the whole Thanksgiving week of as vacation time, and since we are not going anywhere I shall enjoy my time off from work.

Saturday we will be hosting our Autumn Photo Exhibition and Sale at the house. Not too many people may show up but as always some of my family will and that always makes it for a great time.

Betty, I definitely am looking forward to finally meet you in person so I hope to see you here Saturday.


1 comment:

Chely said...

Cool to all. Even the singing!

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