Tuesday, November 03, 2009

Proyecto Uno - The Den

I love, love, love, my kids to death but oh was I ready for some peace and tranquility and why not a clean house too. Our second set of ducks flew the coop and now went to live on their own. Granted they only moved about five minutes away from us but the key word here in case you didn't catch it the key word is "away".

As they took most of their belongings on Saturday and the house was in a bit of a kaos state when I woke up on Sunday morning I asked mi chica one simple question. What should we do? How about we move things around and we recover our den from the arms of kaos. Fortunately she was game and so a day long task began.

Piece one and two made it in.

First we moved everything out of the den, sweeping and mopping is a lot easier when empty. Then we moved the entertainment center back from the living room one heavy piece at a time, of course the center piece being the heaviest one took the longest. Remember it was this over the hill guy and his chica doing all the moving and I couldn't bring the next piece in until all the electronic equipment was properly connected.

Piece number three and hooking up all the electronics.

I opted for a VCR and the DVR only, no DVD player here. Then added a brand new JVC mini stereo that I had for over a year just sitting in the box. I placed the speakers up on top and hid them with the floral arrangements. Once all the technical issues were taken care of and last two pieces were brought in mi chica went ahead and put a plethora of family pictures and portraits. The end result I think was pretty nice.

To the right of the entertainment center I hung a portrait of my mom that was burnt into a piece of leather and was done by an artist that was a customer of hers some
50+ years ago when she worked at a dry cleaners in Mexico. She kept it in a suit case for many years until lots and lots of beggin' from my part finally convinced her to let me have it.

Here it's already taking shape.

To complement the new look in the den we bought an area rug that kindda ties everything together. The only thing left is an empty wall that we will tackle in the near future as we have more funds to keep buying the accessories we need.

Here is the end result. The next morning my bones and muscles ached as if I had gone to the gym but it was all worth it.

The wall at the left is like an empty canvas that will have to be worked in the very near future.

A different angle.



Chely said...

Muy bonito! I figured you guys would be aching the next day...& the next...and the next...& the next. lol

I'm sure you will dress up the empty walls soon. You have plety of inspiration around.



Wanda said...

Jose, I'm loving your den... What a great place to relax and watch TV.

Moving furniture is hard, and you had huge pieces to move.

My hat's off to you and your lovely!


ChrisJ said...

Really nice and comfortable, Jose. I love that green wall and the painting of your mother.
Hope to get your paintings in the mail this weekend.

Lucky Lady said...

Looks great but don't settle to good they seem to always come back lol

Nikki said...

Does this mean I'll semi-sorta have MY room back? Like, it'll be a spare bedroom, but always known as "Nikki's Room"?

Because, you know, until that happens, I will continue to say that i'm simply "a guest" in your house, no matter how much my mom disagrees! :D

kika said...

this looks great and peaceful!

Elena said...

Me gusta mucho como quedo tu sala, invita a que te vicite pronto, gracias.

Jose said...

Pues vente al cafesito porque tambien ya terminamos el comedor y la otra sala. Solo necesito poner mas arte en las paredes.

Betty F said...

Oh Jose! My "Kids" moved out again; this time much closer.. Just across the big street! So it wasn't sad at all. LOL... NOT AT ALL.
Love the changes you've made; can't wait to see it all at your viewing this weekend.

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