Saturday, November 07, 2009

Chicken Soup... For The Stomach.

A bowl for papa bear, a bowl for mama bear, and one for the baby bear. Grrrwwwrr!

Thursday after work we got invited to my daughter's new apartment for the inauguration carne asada. Considering it was on a weekday some family members showed up for a most tasty carne asada.

My daughter Nikki fell sick with the flu or a cold and spent most of the day in bed while everybody else were outside eating and drinking a beer or two. Mi chica and I got there close to seven o'clock as I had to go visit my mom first. I had already been fed by my mama but if you know me a little bit then you'll know that I never ever say no to carne asada tacos. So... yep, I ate about three of them and they were ummmm, ummmm, good. Some of the meat had been marinated in beer and therefore was exquisitely tender.

The next day my other daughter and my sister in law were down with the flu too. Both of them profusely thanked Nikki for passing it on to them, to which Nikki said no comment and pleaded the fifth. Mi chica had picked Diego up on Friday as we promised him he could spend the night with us so at least so far he has not caught the bug... yet.

Saturday morning Michelle texts mi chica and pleads for some warm Chicken Soup, so a big pot was cooked and a couple of hours later Mr. Diego and I got drafted to go deliver soup to three different houses.

Stop number one: His house, or apartment. We got there and had Michelle come out to the patio which is right by the parking lot. The baby was vomiting when we got there but after the incident she came out and received her fresh brew of "Caldo de Pollo".

Diego gives his mom a fresh batch of "Caldo de Pollo".

We say goodbye and move on to the second house, my sister in law's. Luckily she only live about five minutes away from Michelle so that was just a little jump for us. We got there and she came out to receive her batch of soup. Now correct me if I'm wrong but I was expecting to find her in pajamas no makeup and her hair all over the place. Ummm, she cheated, I think she just said she was sick to that she could get some chicken soup. Although in all honesty I would take her soup even if she wasn't sick.

See, she lied, but nevertheless she got her fresh caldito batch.

OK, Mr. Diego was keeping track of the stops and according to him stop one his house, check. Stop two Kika's house, check. That only meant one more house. This one however is not in the neighborhood, going to Nikki's house requires some driving so we sat back and relaxed, put the sounds on the radio and enjoyed the drive. Twenty minutes later we were at Nikki's to deliver her still burning hot bowl of caldo.

Nikki had called mi chica to tell her that "Ducky" was excited about gettin' some soup. Ummm let me see mi chica said, that's not cool, the duck is going to eat chicken. lol

Last but not least, Nikki and "Ducky's" delivery.

Hey, I got a delivery too! Ducky was eating his and had a discovery: "MOM! Theres CHICKEN in this sopita!!" I was like, uhm, it IS chicken soup, dear.. :)

So... To all my sickies I hope you all get well soon. And I will be keeping Diego with us until tomorrow night so he can go home and straight to bed, maybe he'll escape the flu this time.



kika said...

thank you joe and diego! I feel as though I need to explain myself. see, I got up and decided that if I didn't take a shower and put on some makeup I would feel worse sooooo I did. But, if we compare my sickness to those of your pregnant daughters well I guess I'm not that sick. The caldo was delicious and hit the spot. Thank you Sylvia, Joe and Diego!!!

Elena said...

De haber sabido me hago la enferma para que me traigan caldito de pollo, bueno, para la otra, porfavor ninas, aliviense pronto.

Nikki said...

The caldo was perfect, and like kika said, hit the spot. I've been feeling better since i started taking the prescribed meds (even my back!! Yahoooo!!!) But its this nasty COUGH that i can neeeveerrr get rid of! Alex even told me that if its not gone by monday, not to come! I need hours!

Thanks to mom though! I hope she doesnt end up sick now!

Jose said...

And not a one gave Diego nor I a tip and we delivered within the hour.

Michelle said...

Here's your tip... Don't deliver to Mexicans.

But thanks! Sorry about the puking incident holding you up... But our house has been chaos all day. Everyone is medicated and hopefully on the road to feeling better. I know I finally got the energy to get up and shower once I had the caldo in my system. It's like good medicine.

Betty F said...

Oh I bet that tasted so good.. I opened an old can of SAFEWAY soup yesterday.. Been under the weather.. Paul reminded me later he'd MADE HOME MADE SOUP !! Oh well.. This was easy if not that tasty.

Kika said...

cough cough Im sick again

Jose said...

LOL I am just the delivery boy if you want some more chicken soup the request must be directed to mi chica. Wow, your house may need the cleansing after all.

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