Thursday, December 10, 2009

As I Reflect on This Year

Well what do you know winter decided to show up here in Phoenix after all, for a moment there I thought I would be able to wear shorts all the way to the end of the year but apparently that won’t be the case. I am a light weight when it comes to being cold which is one of the main reasons I love Phoenix so much so when the temperature drops anywhere below 60 degrees to me it’s already too cold. Then again this is Phoenix, which also means that we may be surprised by hot weather next week. It could happen you know, one day it's cold then the next is hot.

As I reflect on this troubled year and what it brought to many, I realize how blessed I am to have a job and to still have to a certain extent the peace of mind that comes with being employed. Yes we did lose certain benefits that we were used to but trust me that was an easy adjustment compared to the alternative.

Moving forward to the new decade clearly the one with for 2010 is for things to pick up and for the economy to start stabilizing in some way, we all know it won't happen overnight but it is up to us to start making things happen, together let's get those wheels of progress moving again.


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Nikki said...

Go Obama!

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