Saturday, February 20, 2010

Just Call Me Spike

And so this morning I asked my wannabe chia-boy that it was time to go get him a haircut. He has been getting his hair buzzed since he was little but now he wants to try something different. Isn't it funny how eventually they do develop a brain and thus their own ideas come out. So off we went to the barber shop.

Here's my indio on the before pictures.

"So, how do you want me to cut it?" asked the guy. After I explained what I wanted the guy went to work and I think overall he did pretty good. At first I was hesitant because the last time I was there this same guy did my hair and I was not too happy with the outcome. But I kept checking on him and I saw he did take his time and actually didn't do too bad. In the end I was happy.

Well if the smile is any indication I would say he did like his haircut.

So the lady manager asks me if Diego is my son. Oh not he is my grandson, one of seven, she just opened her eyes as if she thought I was kiddin'. Ummm I take that as a compliment. She asked Diego if he liked his haircut and he said yes. Good answer mijo you just scored a lolly pop and some of that color jell that will make your hair look like you are a porcupine.

I was going to take some candid camera photos as I spotted him playing with the puppies but he spotted me first and of course came to the window. I still snapped a couple shots.

A pit stop to eat at Wendy's and our morning outing was done. We always have such good fun when we are out painting the town. Diego may only be six years old but he acts way older than his age and it's easy to treat him as if he was an older kid, but yet he does make sure to let you know he is a kid. He is a very smart kid indeed. Either that or he is playing me real good and I'm a sucker. ---- Ummm, naw!

And here he is playing with his and his sister's puppies.

Yes Wanda, hard to believe but at least temporarily there are puppies in my house. lol



Michelle said...

Yay puppies at Grandpa's house! You'll learn to love them. Except when they bark and whine. Wait... I take my comment back then...

And I like his hair. He's so funny that he always wants to try different things with his hair. He does have a mind of his own and I like letting him roll with it. The girls on the other hand will do as I say.

ChrisJ said...

Oh puppies! I'll take any kind of haircut if there are puppies to go with it. But you do have a handsome grandson!

Sandy said...

What a cute guy and his hair cut is great~ What you wrote reminds of hanging out with my 7 year old grandson, it's so fun...

Enjoyed your post.

Wanda said...

ha ha ha ha ha Jose has a puppy at his house..... I'm loving it, Jose!!

My sister had a temporary cat at her house for two years!!! ((smile))

The spike haircut is great!! Those big brown eyes remind me of our grandsons!

Anonymous said...

I love the hair cut! Jose, The puppies will capture your heart and I'll be they end up there 90% of the time... Right Michelle?

Tara said...

I can't believe how fast Diego is growing! I dig his new do :)

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