Tuesday, February 16, 2010

Oh Food How I Love Thee

My sister Chely and my sister Elena both busy in my kitchen cooking away.

My little sister is visiting us and will spend the whole week here most likely jumping from one house to the other. She got here Sunday night and right away we made plans for her to come cook for me. In my last visit to Californian she was telling me about this dish she makes called "Carne En Su Jugo" (meat in it's own juice). Well I found out later that she lied as the carne is not only in its own juice but lot of good and tasty stuff went into it including a home made salsa, and two cans of beans along with a plethora of condiments for flavor and a whole pack or bacon. I'm afraid to weigh myself today, don't really want to know how many pounds I gained. Let me just tell you, it was very, very tasty and Daddy Chef has plans of reproducing it in the near future.

My mom joined the group during the commercials. A great cook herself she was trying to learn something new.

It's a good thing I am walking so that I can burn the calories, because with as many offers and invites to lunch and dinner as I am getting I really need to keep up with the routine. The main culprit (I'll just call her mom) to conceal her identity is finally realizing that just because I can eat a dozen tortillas with my meals which she cooks three times a week for me I can do just fine with say four of them. She is like, but mijo you still have so much food on your plate and then without warning wham, another set of tortillas would appear before me.

My sister, my brother in law, my daughter, all have jumped on the bandwagon of feeding me. (Wow I make it sounds like they are on a case of feed the hungry -- lol) But I am not complaining and or stopping anybody from doing that. On the contrary, both me and my tummy thank you.

And here it is, "Carne En Su Jugo". I was pleasantly surprised at how good it tasted.

So just so you all know, right now I have the rest of my week covered. Today, tomorrow, and Thursday at mom's, and Friday I have a date with my son. Saturday dinner at my house and Sunday... Wow! Sunday is open, unbelievable.

Let me just finish warming these tortillas and I will join you.

I did get a couple of recipes sent to me now the task is just to find the time to try them. At the rate I'm going, that may not happe anytime soon. But I know eventually I will try them and when that happens I'll let you all know how that went.

Here's my plate. This is me getting seconds already.

Afterwards, while my mom watched her telenovelas, we had some coffee, with lemon pie, accompanied by great conversation and more picture snapping. All in all a fun afternoon.
Thank you mom, sisters, and bro in law we must do this again soon.



Tara said...

See...this is why I get distracted from blogging...I come to your site and get so hungry that I can't think straight! :)

Good post Jose :)

Jose said...

Tara - LOL What a lame excuse, blogging on a full stomach is oh so much better. Looking forward to your next post actually which these days are few and far.

Michelle said...

Mmm that does look good. But I am hungry now.

ChrisJ said...

I didn't have to ask which is your sister. When my sister comes to visit everyone thinks we are twins. It is so nice that your family all pitch in and the food looks delicious.

Wanda said...

What a wonderful array of pictures and food.... I felt like I was in the kitchen smelling the aroma.

So glad you have all your "Food" bases covered. You are loved...

MrManuel said...

Doesn't appear you will be going hungry at all!

Nikki said...

ChrisJ - they're BOTH his sisters!

And boooy that looks so good!

Anonymous said...

MAN that looks so good! It's wonderful seeing all those familiar faces with smiles on them. We just got word that my daughter's mother in law is coming home from an extended stay in Mexico. I've given Victor my list of food I want when she gets here!

Sandy said...

Wow, you are in some respects SO fortunate to have that wonderful family cooking for you. So glad you have loving people around you.

And that food sounds/looks so good!

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