Thursday, February 25, 2010

No Unfinished Projects

I have two projects that mi chica and I had planned and I intend to finish them. The first one is to finish the wall in the den. As you remember when the kids moved out we started re-decorating the house to suit our needs and likes. The entertainment center was pushed back to the den and the wall to the back yard was pretty bare. We wanted a table and a big picture to make a big impact.

So, my daughter's boss printed the image of our family portrait from last year's Thanksgiving on canvas and it was huge. I had pretty good contacts at Hobby Lobby from buying so much from them last year that my framer did most of the labor for free while all I had to do was purchase the custom frame where it would be mounted. It took a while to get done but when I finally got the phone call letting me know it was ready the anticipation was just too much.

I could not believe how big it looked when they carried it off the store for me. To say I was satisfied with it is an understatement. The portrait which has every member in my little family including the three cooking on those crock pots also happens to be the last family picture Sylvia would appear in. As a matter of fact she is the one that pretty much directed the whole photo shoot on that day and as you can see the results were totally awesome.

In honor of her is that this beautiful portrait now regally hangs in our den.

The image doesn't do it justice but notice how it takes pretty much the whole wall.

The second part of this project will consit of finishing the area under the portrait. Maybe a table with some cool looking stuff on it. Yeah, I have some good ideas and soon it will be finished.

The second projec was to make her home office as confortable as possible. Well it's now my office and I still intend to make it as confortable as possible. We had an empty wall in front of the desk and as we spend so much time in this office we wanted a TV in it. So I planned this whole shelf that would house all my DVD collection and my die cast car collection. She enthusiastically gave me the thumbs up on the project.

Again thanks to my brother in law who is very handy with wood, he built the custome shelf exactly as I wanted it.

The empty wall. Notice we had a cable jack mounted on the wall.

And here it is again with the shelf already anchered to it.

And here it is almost fully loaded. The center hole will soon house a 32" plasma or LCD mounted on the wall. That will finish the project.

I will post another picuture once the TV goes in.

Pretty cool isnt' it?



ChrisJ said...

It certainly is cool. I had no idea you had all those cars. I love the colors and the shelves are perfect.

Jenny from the Blog said...

You totally called us crock pots! LOL!! Oh and you better watch those cars with Juanito and the new additions...he loves to play with cars! Love the shelf!

Nikki said...

Kick his butt dad! Remember, Michelle and I never ruined our vhs's, it was those dang grandkids of yours! Dint let the cars/dvd's be next!

And rofl... You DID call us crock pots...

Michelle said...

Haha in his defense we do have to cook them over a long time... so... crock pots it is.

I love the projects. And FYI Arielle right now has no interest in the cars so my job has been easy.

Jen - That's the FIRST thing he said. He didn't say the kids. He said... We have to keep Juanito away from the cars! LOL

Sandy said...

wow, cool post and cool portrait picture and love the bookshelf and all your cars and...well this is just cool!

Wanda said...

Just how perfect is this? Love the cars...the color of the room and the large family portrait.....

This just screams "JOE COOL"


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