Tuesday, March 02, 2010

Tidbit Day

No I haven't been lazy but there really hasn't been much to write about these days. Today I was greeted by one of the most gorgeous sunrises I have seen in a long time, and as luck would have it I left my camera at home. Actually my camera is in it's last days, sometimes it works and sometimes it doesn't, it has been a loyal camera for the past four years and considering that I used it and abused it I am surprised it didn't break sooner. As I said it still works but I really need to replace it and keep this one as a souvenir. If you are wondering why my Photo Blog hasn't been getting new posts, that's the reason why.


Today is my computer black out day, I visit my mom and stay with her so no computer at all. I also visit my sister and she takes the time to give me a Bible lesson. Our bible studies are still going pretty good. Add to that the fact that our new priest is terrific and a great orator, I think I am finally learning. Hopefully I will go to bed early too because I really need to catch up on my zzzzzzzzz's.


God is great, beer is good, and people are crazy is how the song goes. Even though I partially lost my voice over the weekend I was still able to sing during mass. Of course my solo became a duet as I could only sing the soft part of the song but when the time came to let the voice out it would sound like I was a teenager in the middle of puberty. lol So I had to let another member finish the verse and in the end it all sounded really nice. Yeah, God works in mysterious ways.

Beer is good, ummmm!!! I am not a drinker but Friday I was invited out by my coworkers and I did have a couple. OK, more than a couple, this place we went to brews all the beer they sell in house so even tho I ordered light beer, I found out it wasn't that light. Needless to say I got a little too drunk but I had a fantastic time.

***Disclaimer*** For those of you wondering, I was not driving so all was good.

And people are crazy. I think if we weren't at least a little crazy we would totally be insane. Crazy is good and I love associating myself with a crowd that is crazy enough to have fun and enjoy life.


Well, two baby showers out of three are in the books. Only my little baby is left but hers won't happen until next month. In the meantime we patiently wait for my first grand kid to be born, the first out of the three we soon expect. The phrase is "10 for 2010". Yes, pretty soon I will have ten grand kids running around my legs screaming "Grandpa, grandpa". I love it. I think I mentioned this before but I'll say it again. Back in the day I was asked why I married so young. I don't think I was that young as I was already 21. Anyway I always told them that it was because I wanted to have a chance to meet my grand kids. Thank you God for granted wishes. I know I am blessed when I see them running around and being happy.


And now here is a picture of the past. My niece posted it on her facebook page and I quickly lifted it and put it on my files.

Can you find Waldo on this one?



Sandy said...

I love that answer, that you wanted a chance to meet your grandkids. 10 for 2010, that's cool.

One baby shower for us this month, and not sure when the next one will be, but defintely by end of May I will have two more grandsons.

Sounds like you had fun drinking that light beer!

Wanda said...

There is nothing better than those grand kids....Really happy picture!

You know I'm a little crazy.... :)

Elena said...

De seguro que les contaron un chiste que solo Mathew no entendio porque estaba muy chiquito.

ChrisJ said...

Just look at all those smiles! Glad you are still enjoying the Bible Studies.

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