Sunday, April 11, 2010

Bike Nite

The scene over at Westgate. There were bikes all over.

Ah what a feeling to go to bike nite not as an spectator but as a participant. Unfortunately I had to ditch choir practice just to make it to bike nite on Thursday night, which by the way I was going to miss because we were waiting for a certain Atalie Belle to make her presence known Luckily she didn't make us wait forever.

So at around 7:00 p.m. I rode over tho Westgate City Center and joined some 500+ other riders that were partying and enjoying the music and great weather. It was so packed I thought I was going to have a hard time finding a spot to park, but as it turned out I didn't, as I rode in I found and empty spot just calling my name.

I have been so out of touch since I didn't ride for almost five years but as I am finding out my love and passion for riding is very much alive. My bike which I have owned since July of 2000 still looks awesome and gets plenty of compliments, it sports a nostalgia paint scheme that is very rare, in fact so rare that I have not seen another one like it.

With Arizona Bike Week upon us I am sure I'll do something this week, maybe a ride or two but I am also saving myself for Laughlin so we'll see how things go. In the meantime check out the scene over at Westgate.

And I parked right next to this vintage piece of machinery.

Yeap, that's my baby parked next to this vintage bike.

And here it is again. The guy admiring the vintage bike represents our passion for Harley Davidson.

More vintage iron.

There it is, my baby looking good, and I didn't even washed it yet.

Some custom choppers were also there.

A Spider. It looks interesting enough.

Wow, some kid is cruising in style.



Crystal said...

Haha the last one was too awesome(cute!)
I'm glad you got to ride and enjoy it again Tio =)

Anonymous said...

OH this place is beautiful!!! I meant to take the kids to Westgate while they were here; but.. well.. I didn't. Glad you went as a participant!

Wanda said...

That is so awesome Jose! If there are bikes in heaven, I will be a Harley Mom!

MrManuel said...

Those vintage bikes are lovely!

ChrisJ said...

Wow! That's some piece of machinery there. When we first met, my husband had a motorbike and he was hooked on them, but back then the finances of a pastor didn't support that hobby!

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