Monday, April 12, 2010

The Dynamic Duo

The Dynamic Duo.

Shortly after I started blogging back in the days of Blog Explosion I met this lovely girl that just happened to rent my blog to advertised hers. Whenever people rented space from another blogger it was for a whole week. I always made it a point to go read the posts of those who rented my blog. And that's how my friendship with Tara from Soul Blessings started. Who would have thunk that almost four years later we would still be reading each other's blogs, exchanging emails, and being friends on Facebook.

Back in November of last year Tara surprised me by painting a portrait of my father. Don't want to go into the details of how my tears just came out and stuff but suffice to say that receiving that portrait was a highlight of that year.

Portrait of my dad, painted by Tara S.

Now that we have evolved into Facebook I follow Tara daily and now her friend Kellie whom I have dubbed the Dynamic Duo. It is not uncommon for these two to have me rolling on the floor laughing with all their antics. To follow one of their threads means to saturate you email because there are going to be lots and lots of comments.
I have grown to love them and hope to some day meet them in person.

The other day Tara posted an image of the two of them and I asked for an authographed copy for me. Well guess what I received last Saturday in my mailbox. Yep, their authographed picture along with an Easter Card, how thoughtful.

Just goes to show you that just because we use this machines to comunicate they don't make us less human. Most of my very best friends are in here, in blogland, on SingSnap, on Facebook, inside the computer.

Thank you Tara and Kellie, know that I will keep this picture for many years to come. I love you both.



Wanda said...

Well that is so exciting, Jose. I remember the wonderful portrait of your Dad, and your mention of your friend Tara.

How fun to see the Dynamic Duo!!

Tara said...

Thank you so much Jose :) I will always cherish our friendship :) Love to you too! (((HUGS)))

Lucky Lady said...

there are still nice people out there and sometimes closer the we know

Erin said...

It just goes to show how deep a virtual friendship can really be... What a lovely picture she painted as well!

Jose said...

Wanda - They are indeed dynamic. friendly, funny, talented, CRAZY (LOL). Well you get the picture. Batman and Robin aren't as fun as these two.

Tara - I love you more. hehe!

Lucky Lady - I am the lucky guy to have you as a friend.

Erin - And to think we were only 1-hour away once. *sigh* You are among those best of the best friends I have in cyberspace. Love you lots.

To all of the above - Do you all realize I have know each one of you for over three years now. Wow! I consider all of you like family.

MrManuel said...

The people we meet and how we meet them can be so cool some times.

Sandy said...

That is cool, Joe cool!

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