Thursday, April 29, 2010

Grand Kids, Oh What a Feeling!

Not really much to tell so what I will do is show you some images of the past weeks. Of course you all know about Atalie, well this little bundle of joy just warms my heart, she is so tiny and cute it is unbelievable. How is it that someone so tiny can give so much joy and happiness. Evey time I see her, she reminds me of her mama when she was little but apparently people see Sylvia in her as well. My father in law and my mom did.

I love this image. Isn't she lovely? Notice how my "duck" got himself into the picture.

Grandpa and Atali bonding. I normally carry her for a couple of minutes and she seems to like me.

Of course the older grand kids wanted some of the action too.

Yesterday as I came in she was being changed and she was crying her little heart out. I started talking to her and then I put my hand on her chest and she instantly quiet down. I asked Michelle to catch this image because I thought it was funny how my hand (and I have small hands)covered her entire upper body. She just looked at me like saying, "Hi grandpa".

And so, in celebration of all my grand kids and specially my newest one Atali Belle please have a slice of the wonderful cake that Crista baked for me.



Michelle said...

She's so cute if I do say so myself! I do think it's funny that your hand is as big as her body. LOL Aww!

Wanda said...

Oh shes adorable...and look at the smiles on those faces...are they not tickled with this new one.

The cake looks good. My friends surprises me with a birthday cake last night...I will be posting a picture of it soon.

Love and Hugs

Tara said...

What sweet pictures :)

Angelica said...

she's delicious and the cake is cute! or the other way around

Sandy said...

She is SOOOOOOO beautiful and I don't mean the cake! --- although that is too. Your grandkids are so darn cute.

Mel said...

she is adorable!! U r such a good grandpa!

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