Friday, April 23, 2010

Kika's Maiden Harley Ride

So I get a text from my favorite sister in law and she is inviting me on a "Taco Run". Now, call me silly but I can't say no to that. Everybody and their nanas know by now the bond between Joe Cool and tacos, it's like we were made for each other. That in itself is a great thing already but then she is feeling daring and asked me to take the Harley. I see a photo shoot in the making now.

No amigos, this time around I did not wear a tank top only but a white long sleeve shirt. What's the point in messing up if you won't learn from your mistakes, right? I will start working on some sort of a tan, that is if my white/pale skin cooperates but from here on I will protect my skin.

See, I told you. Long sleeves.

So my morning trip begins at home in Avondale. First order of business was to gas it up and get those tanks full. I didn't want Kika having to push me down the highway, although it sounds like it could have been great exercise. lol It was 50 miles from my house to the taco place which is in the small town of Buckeye, Arizona. Again, those tacos are really good and totally worth the trip. For those of you that asked the last time, the taco place is located just north of Monroe on 4th street.

The sign says it all. If you want tacos while in Buckeye, now you know where to get them.

The weather couldn't have been better. Sunny but not hot, and the wind had a certain crisp to it but was not uncomfortable at all. I got to my sister in law's and she was ready for the adventure. I do remember giving her a ride around the block some seven years ago but today would definitely be her maiden ride. All I told her was "You are going to love it, don't fight the lean, and just plain enjoy the ride". And that's exactly what she did. I couldn't tell this was her first real ride, she handled herself like a pro and even went shutter crazy taking pictures while on the road. I have a feeling "mi chica" had her hand in this.

I don't think she was too preocupied as she kept taking self portraits. lol

My sister in law told me, "You couldn't see my face but I had a huge smile". I know exactly what she meant, cause when I ride I too have a huge smile. Well Kika and I go way back, back in the day when I was a mini trucker and went cruising with the club Kika was always with me as "mi chica" would have none of that. So it's like going full circle and as we reminisce she recalls how she was the our little flower girl in our wedding.

Ah, there's the smile.

Coming back she pointed a big statue of a man in the distance. I deviated and went to where it was. Wow, it was huge and cool looking and so we snapped away catching one image after the other. All of a sudden I notice that it was named "Hobo Joe". Ummm, how cool was that? Joe Cool meets Hobo Joe.

Posing with Hobo Joe.

So, a small 50 mile ride with great weather, good scenery, delicious tacos, and awesome company. What else can I ask for.

*Note to Kika*
It was an honor and it was a blast. I thank you for trusting me and not being afraid, because if you were you sure as heck fooled me. If you ever want to ride again just holla. Oh and just so you know, Alex is ready for her maiden ride too. I told her I would take her all the way to Wickenburg for breakfast.

Me on my Fatboy.

Most of the images on this post provided by Kika.

It's my son's birthday so I am on my way to his house for hamburgers and hot dogs. Please come back later as I will post a bunch of pics from the ride.



Wanda said...

I am so jealous..... I would love to take a ride on your Harley to the taco place.

But the two of you look darling!

Can't wait for the rest of the pictures!!

Jenny from the Blog said...

I waaaaaaaaaaannnnnnnnaaaaa gooooo! Wickenberg for breakfast sounds good.



Michelle said...

You better start clearing your calender because I haven't had a ride in like 6 years!!! I want to go too! But you already knew that...

Can't wait to see more pictures!

Chely said...

Well, Hey, I wanna ride to!!!!

The last time you gave me a ride, you were still into KAWZAKI's. Oops! Am I allowed to use that word around your Harley? - LOL

That was waaaaaay back in the 80's. That's a long time=/

Don't worry about waking me up for breakfast, lunch or dinner is better for me!!!=D

I'm glad you guys had fun.<3

Angelica said...

Mi cunao is the best! I had so much fun! thanks!!!

Chely said...
This comment has been removed by the author.
Chely said...


I love the one of your arm because it is actually a great shot of the view.

The Self Portraits are awesome=D

And the 2 pictures of you guys with Hobo Joe are amazing. I like them both. That statue is huge! You should have posed just like it Fide.

Nikki said...

Dad you're the new choffeur... I think that's spelled right lol. As long as food is involved I don't think you'll mind ;)

now Kika needs a bike too, we're gonna be on the hunt for two harleys huh? Even loyiel said he could see her on her own bike lol

Elena said...

Bueno, creo que me deves por lo menos un ride no importa si es a comer o no, hace mas de treinta anos que no me das uno, te acuerdas cuando me llevavas a trabajar en tu moto? que tiempos aquellos!!

Elena said...

A proposito, se ve que Kika disfruto del paseo, pero no Nikki, no veo a Kika manejando una, tu que dices Kika?

Tara said...

Looks like a fun time! But if I ever get to ride on a motorcycle...I will be taking pictures just like your sister-in-law did :)

Sandy said...

Fun post Jose.

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