Wednesday, April 14, 2010

Some of the Joys in My Life

What can I say, they love grandpa so much they just fall asleep on him. This image was captured during this years Super Bowl party at my Juan and Jen's. One day she'll see this picture and will just laugh.

And of course my son has to follow into my footsteps and do something similar with his new little baby a.k.a. in my world as "Little Joe". But I know for a fact my son can be a very comfortable pillow. The baby's job is to just relax and sleep. I should digress.

And once again, here she is, the newest princess of them all. For some they say she totally looks like Sylvia, both my mom and my father in law said it when they saw her. To me she looks like the mama but prettier. lol Let me explain, some 25 years ago I was in a waiting room at a hospital in El Monte California when a nurse came in. It must have been around 2:00 a.m. and I was the only person in that particular waiting room.

Nurse: Mr Melo?
Me: Yes!
Nurse: Would you like to meet your daughter?
Me: *thinking* ummm so I have a little girl. -- Sure I would love to meet her.
Nurse: Pushes the little see through tingy and...

All I see is this tiny little baby with lots and lots of hair, she was purple, pealing, and wrinkled.

Me: Nurse, are you sure this is my baby.
Nurse: Of course she is.
Me: She's ugly. lol

Very next day, she had changed so much and I knew then that there was potential. As you can see in the next image, I was not wrong... about the potential that is, because my Michelle is very pretty. I think Atalie will be prettier, but that's just the grandpa in me talking.

Now here is the baby of the family, as you all know her baby is due in early June and with hers I will have 10 grand kids. What a joy for a grandpa, but what a pain in the butt for them, they have many years of crying kids to deal with. Me, I'll just spoil the heck out of them and then I'll send them back. That is my job as described in the family rule handbook.



ChrisJ said...

I think Atalie does look like her grandma! She will grow up to be a beauty like her Mom too.

Jose said...

Chris - I concur! However I was just holding her and she also looks like Diego. How cool is that? "Jamma" would be thrilled.

Michelle said...

Aww you said I am pretty :-) that's so nice! I am glad that we are part of your joy and happiness list. And its no doubt your grandkids think you're the best.

P.S. My word verification is mater!

Wanda said...

I just sit here in awe at the gift of life.

You and your son look so cute with the little ones so comfortable. They feel the love and protection. That family.

Your daughters are lovely too. What a neat family.

I remember when our first grandson was born....He was so hairy...everywhere....We called him a little monkey...but in a few weeks he looked like a little boy.......!

Sandy said...

Great post from a great grampa...Love the pics.

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