Thursday, April 01, 2010


The good news is that Karaoke is back at Manny's. Yey, my fans are already calling me to go back. The bad news is it won't be on Friday but on Saturday now and I was saving my voice for church on Sunday. But it's not cold anymore so I may not get a sore throat. However, the American Legion is having karaoke on Friday so I may just show up one of these nights and reminisce.

Yesterday my sister in law had a party for her son Matthew and I could have sworn she said come on over for cake and ice cream. Me loving ice cream said "I'm there". Turned out that I misread the message and it said pizza and cake. Ummm my heart was set on ice cream. Memo to me: Please read complete messages via text or facebook and do not fill in the blanks to your liking or convenience.

Tomorrow is a short day. We will only work seven hours instead of eight. All I know is that I am riding in to work so it better don't rain. Gotta get all the leathers out of the closet and dust them a bit.

Mass today was really pretty. All the choirs sang together as one and I found out that singing in the background is way less stressful and much more confortable. I may get me a spot in the back from now on.



Wanda said...

Enjoyed your tidbits Jose.

Isn't singing a wonderful gift. I wish we could sing a duet, I love to harmonize.

Jose said...

Oh Wanda, that would be the ultimate.

Angelica said...

*Note to self: Next time you text joe confirm that he has correct information.
*Another note to self: encourage Joe to carry his glasses with him at all times to avoid misunderstandings.
*Last note to self: pizza + cake = ice cream in some cultures. Mainly Joe's

Anonymous said...

Seemed like something or another got in the way of Holy week celebrations.. Mostly my fatigue. Going in the morning though.
Happy Easter Joe

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