Sunday, April 04, 2010

Easter 2010

Easter 2010 a shaking success.

Mi chica always enjoyed putting the kids baskets together. From up there were you are baby I know you were with us today as we celebrated. Happy Easter to you!

As a choirboy we had the busiest week of the year but it was totally worth all the time we invested. Having all five choirs (at least members of all five choirs) singing together in one mass was to say the least an experience. The mass although three hours long was bilingual and beautiful and it was wonderful singing in it.

So, this morning for our regular Sunday mass we had to show up almost two hours earlier to practice the songs we were to sing. To all my friends that told me I would like being in the choir, you were all right, I do love it.

After mass I met the family at a small neighbourhood park by my sister in law's house. Little park by her house was taken so she went to the next one a couple of blocks away and reserved the Ramada and BBQ grill for us. She got there at 7:00 a.m.

First thing as soon as I got there I was hired by Diego to hold him while he learned to ride a bike. I gave him a bike last week for his birthday so he needs the practice. It's a good thing in getting back in shape as there was no way I would have lasted a minute running behind him while holding him steady.

Do not look at the floor, look up and see where you want to go.

Five minutes later he was riding all over the park all by himself. Kids and their ability to learn in a matter of minutes.

Grandpa looking slimmer than ever and posing with two of his princesses. Allayna and Arielle.

Yes, these two will follow me and won't let me loose, of course they see me everyday as they live with me but even if they didn't they would still follow me. I have that kind of magnetic personality.

But Kika don't be mad because you've been her since 7:00 a.m. Here I'll even hold the umbrella for you.

Arielle and I just playing and bonding. This kid just melts my heart and she calls me Papa.

What's a celebration without food. Alexis prepared the eggs and Nikki brought the chicken. We both said salud with our food, and I ate until my stomach said no more.

Plenty of photo ops on this occation. Ummmm eggs and chicken can you see the corrolation there?

This is for making me clean the house yesterday.
And so you all know that Michelle is about to have a baby any minute now. What a thrill it will be to be there one more time. So far I have been blessed to be at every grandchild birth and I'm really looking forward to this one too.

Grandpa I must admit the floor is quite comfortable.

This is Brianna and even though she is my second oldest granddaughter she was my first. I love this little devil in disguise, she has more energy than I can now handle.

Oh yes he's grown and looks different now. Ramon "Little Joe" Jose hanging with his grandpa.

Alexis and I. I just love this little girl since like forever. Love you Alex!

When it comes to princesses these two are my OG's.

Oh this one holds a special place in my heart. The oldest of all my grandkids and the one that loved me the most when she was little. Crazy to see how she is blossoming right before my very eyes.
All of you kids better don't turn around while we hide the eggs.

My son makes for a great fluffy pillow.

Oh, and did I mention that Kika was there at the park since 7:00 a.m.



Nikki said...

I'll tell you what... Mom might have slaves away in a kitchen since 7am but she NEVER would have stayed at a park (alone at that!) since 7am so GGOOO KIKKKA!! Haha we apprciated it!!

And I think you are tooooo right in saying me and michelly are te OG's (the original gangstas not to be confused with the Oscar Gonzales's lol)

you failed to mention why it was earth shakin lol

Tara said...

Great pictures of the family Jose :) It is always good to see all of them. Your son looks very proud to be a fluffy!

"I have that kind of magnetic personality." So true...that is why we all follow you :)

Michelle said...

Heck yes we are the OGs! But I'd just like to add that I am number one... the VERY FIRST one you had.

And I love that picture of you and Juan. I capture great moments.

Wanda said...

What could be better than spending Easter with family. Your pictures are so warm and wonderful.

We had a great time at our Family Easter Picnic!

That sweet little "Jose" looks like grandpa.

ChrisJ said...

What a wonderful family and so much love. Good for you for working out.
Really great photos for memories.

Sandy said...

This is a great post and I loved all the photos! And congrats on the new grands ones that have arrived and those that haven't, ha...

I wrote out a comment yesterday on this post, and got interrupted but thought I had hit publish. Glad I came back to find out it hadn't. What a great family you have Jose.

Sandy said...

When is Michelle due by the way.. My next one is middle of May..

Jose said...

Sandy you did post the comment but it went on the "On the road again" post with me and my bike. lol

Michelle is due any minute now, I think she said she bay get inducded soon. I'll keep you all posted.

Angelica said...

Yeah that was me who sacrificed my beauty sleep to be at the park at 7am. 7AM PEOPLE!!! Toda grenuda!

Chely said...

Great Memories captured=)

I had to do a "Double Take" on the picture with you and Michelle. She looks sooooo much like Sylvia on this one. The hair and the eyes.


Besitos - Chely

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