Sunday, April 18, 2010

The Torch Ride

Just as I predicted by 6:30 a.m. I was wide awake. It never fails, if I'm riding my subconscious knows and the anticipation makes me wake up very early. One look out the window told me it was going to be a perfect day for riding. I got ready and by 7:00 a.m. I was hitting the road. First order of business was to make sure those tanks had enough gas to last me the whole day, then stop at the bank to get some money for those cool souvenirs that I may find at BikeFest. It wasn't cold at all, all I needed was a tank top and a long sleeve shirt, which if was a smart man would have kept on all day.

I got to Chester's Harley Davidson and already there was a sea of bikes staged and they just didn't seem to stop coming. I staged mine and went to the registration booth to get my packet, which included a magazine, a commemorative event pin, and the very important ticket to go into BikeFest. It also included that night's concert but after a whole day of riding and drinking (I didn't say getting drunk, don't panic) who wanted to go see George "Bad to the Bone" Thorogood play. Obviously thousands did but not me. lol

A sea of bikes is what this fairly big parking lot was. Last year 1900 bikes participated this, this year that mark was clearly passed.

I was amazed and surprised at how well the pre-registration went.

Went back to my bike to put my stuff away and right away I found a friend and coworker of mine. It turned out we were parked almost in the same lane and since I was riding solo I gladly joined him and his friend. It would be almost another hour till the kick stands went up so we caught up on current events while we sipped on some H2O.

Of course I had to check out his awesome ride and capture some images of it, I will share this one with you.

This ride is indeed Bad to the Bone.

When the ride started, the escorts tried taking the riders in groups of 500. Well we all know that wouldn't work so they turned us loose, I am sure there were lots of irate drivers on the road as all our lights were turned to green for us, that only means red for crossing traffic. I am sure the whole group from beginning to end took a long time to pass.

Bellow are some of the bikes I liked. Although truth be told I like them all.

"I'll bury those dirty cockroaches. What did they ever do for us?"

A John Deere trike.

No matter how you cut this. This is a sweet ride. The baby blue and white combo is awesome.

I guess metric bikes have some potential.

I would so like to own a bagger like this one. This one looks like made for Kermit the frog.

This Paul Yaffe original has been around for a while. I still say it looks hot. The style is timeless.

This bike when turned on will attract every body's attention and immediately will be surrounded by people taking pictures of it. Yep, guilty as charged, as I am one of those curious people. What is so special about this bike you may ask? Well you might as well think there's a plane landing as the engine on this bike is a jet turbine. It sounds like a plane and it's loud and you will cite insanity for any soul that dares ride it.

Jet turbine powered bike.

Just look at the size of that exhaust pipe.

Well, I will post a second part to this so I can publish a few more pics. I hope you all enjoyed this ride... I know I did but with reservations, as this is what happens when you think the wind will not burn you.




EsLocura said...

sounds like a pretty fabulous day. another memory another slice of life, good for you!

Jose said...

EsLocura - Oh yes, and I like to take one slice at a time. Happy to hear from you again.

Michelle said...

Ouch indeed... man that looks painful!

Oh and that baby blue bike is awesome! I really like it!

Nikki said...

Duh pops you're white, what were you thinking?! Look for that blue gel :)

and ahhh the Paul yaffe dbacks bike. Too bad the colors are now black abd red huh?

Wanda said...

Ouch is right...Now you have a farmer's tan!!! ha ha

Get some lotion on it right away!!!

The bikes are so magnificent!

ChrisJ said...

Oh yes, ouch indeed! I have never seen so many motor books in one place at one time. You must have been in motorbike heaven!

ChrisJ said...

oops! Of course I meant motor bikes. These days my brain says to do one thing and my hands do something else

Jose said...

Michelle - It's funny how you don't realize how people show affection by touching you or tapping you on the shoulder until you have severe sub burn. LOL It is kindda Ouch but it's getting better. Oh, and yes, that baby blue and white bike is awesome.

Nikki - I did put on my long sleeve shirt in Scottsdale, he he but it was too late, the damage was done. And the Paul Yaffe is been around for a while now. Still awesome looking tho.

Wanda - A farmer huh? Maybe an urban one. lol Oh trust me first order of business was the Aloe Vera gel. Bikes where magnifizent and in the middle of a recessio people kept buying stuff.

ChrisJ - I kindda was. I love the big rides like this one. But the Love Ride in California does bring close to 20,000 bikes if not more. Talk about a big one day event.

Chely said...

I love to see the picture of the "Sea of Bikes". It must be awesome. I'm glad you had fun brother, you had been waiting for a looooong time.=)

Now - on to other things. "¡Como eres Naco!" ¿A quiĆ©n se le ocurre? It hurts my eyes to see such a picture! Oh yea, the sunburn is terrible too! - LOL

Here is Chely's sunburn remedy. Don't worry, I'm not gonna make you drink garlic tea this time. Ponte "Huevito"!!! Grab a cold egg and apply the egg-white on as a lotion, 3 times a day. It will sooth the pain, it’ll prevent peeling and will heal the sunburn fast. - But DO IT!!!!!

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