Thursday, April 22, 2010

Cave Creek

Here are our bikes just waiting to keep riding.

Well, I left you with an image of me and my awesome sunburn. The ouch only lasted until Tuesday after that it wasn't that bad anymore, of course I took care of it with plenty of aloe vera gel and now like a snake I'm all pealing, but hey guess what? No more two tone arms. lol

So after we walked for about two hours or so over at CycleFest my friend decided we needed to go eat a good hamburger, not just a hamburger but it had to be a good hamburger and him and his other friend started debating where to find such a hamburger. Me being just an innocent bystander and being totally foreign to the Scottsdale and Cave Creek areas I left them decide.

Minutes later we are riding towards Cave Creek, yes I was now wearing a shirt but too late, the damaged was done already. We went to this small hamburger joint, the name escaped me almost right after we left, but yes the hamburger and onion rings were mighty tasty, add to that the fact that I was hungry, probably that help enhanced the flavor.

As soon as we finished we headed for The Hideaway, a popular biker bar in Cave Creek. The place was packed, it was full of vendors and people. Arizona Bike Week brings in a lot of money for certain businesses that are biker friendly. These guys were probably raking in the money.

My friends wanted to continue bar hopping but me and my painful back had had enough. So I told them that I was parting ways and thanked them for everything, as they didn't let me pay for anything not even once. We had a blast and I still had an hour ride back home so I happily hit the road and stretched my riding time by getting lost. I quickly recovered and before long I was riding the freeway heading home.

by the time I got home it was already a little bit past six o'clock. The fatigue from the ride and the sun didn't hit me until the following Tuesday. While at my mom's, one of the most relaxing places I know I laid in bed and didn't wake up until some 13 hours later.

This Saturday my sister in law and I may have a Taco Run Ride. Riding and food, what a great concept.

Sweet Ride!

Another awesome ride, too bad I'm too old for this style.

Hey this is after all Arizona. It's the wild, wild West.

Nice set of... headers?

Fun at the bar.

what a great crowd. Fun times!

I so want one of this.



EsLocura said...

great pictures, seems like it was all well worth the sunburn, and no longer being two tone, bonus : )

Jose said...

EsLocura - You can say that again!

Wanda said...

Looks like a blast... And some of those "outfits" Wow!! Knock you socks off.

The bikes are beautiful as I'm sure many of the gals too!

What fun.... so glad you got the chance to do this ride.

ChrisJ said...

NOW I know why you enjoy biking -- it's not the bikes, its the view!

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