Saturday, May 22, 2010

One Saturday Morning

Nikki and Atali.

When el Daddy~O goes missing in action the search parties begin. OK not really but the texts did start coming. Except the daddy was safe and happy as can be, so all is good. In any case I was happy to have a McDonalds breakfast with my daughters, and grand kids, boy I had been wanting one for the longest time and they always told us they just stopped serving them. So this morning Michelle takes off and goes to get them. I must not have been the only one with that idea as shown in this image that she captured.

Holy breakfast line Batman! And there's plenty more behind me!

Nikki and I took off. She was told there was a nail in one of her tires and so we went to a tire shop to get it patched. After that we decided on visiting "mi chica". Yes, how fast time passes, it has been five months but then again if I close my eyes it seems like only yesterday. So chairs off the truck and we camped by her and my dad for a good hour or so.

There we saw this sign and of course Nikki had to take the photo op.

They say that before the babies came to us, and I am talking about Ramon a.k.a. Little Joe and Atali they got to spend some time with Sylvia and that they came to us only when she was good and ready to send them to us. Well, Nikki was kindda like, "Mom, I am ready".

Poor girl, she definitely is ready to bring this baby into the world. So anytime now, my number 10 will be here and we can't wait.

And of course while there Ducky and I posed for a picture too. Of course we just had too look cool for her.

So, all in all I had a fantastic morning and as I head to Manny's tonight for karaoke I intend to have a fantastic afternoon as well. So, thank you Nikki for hanging with the old man, and just an FYI, no I am not shaving my beard. lol



Wanda said...

I love it when you share the family.

Wonderful pictures...

Love the stork sign...cute!

Nikki said...

Man, I look swollen and puffy lol. And yes, she so can send her anyday now. Anyddaayyy now Mom!

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