Saturday, May 01, 2010

Nikki's Baby Shower

So when Nikki said she was having a baby shower, she meant it literally. There must have been over 20 kids there. Michelle and Jeniffer did a great job at putting the party together and in the end fun was had by all. I will not do a big writing on it but I'll let some of these images do the talking.


Proud parents to be. Loyiel and Nikki. And Laila almost done cooking in that crock pot.

Party goers having fun.

Party organizers Michelle and Jeniffer.

Nikki and the wind joins Michelle and Jeniffer.

Future godmother Crystal and Nikki.

All the way from La Puente California just for this event. My little sister Chely with Nikki.

How many animal cookies are in the jar? My granddaughter Brianna had the closest guess.

I think they'll never get tired of doing this to me. Me... I love it!

Give me an L, give me an A, give me an I, give me another L, give me another A, what does it spell...?



Nikki said...

Yay! And you stayed the WHOLE time (and then some!) I love you Dad!

Wanda said...

Who has more fun than Jose's family.... What a delightful set of pictures...what fun, wish I could have been there for the fun!

Beautiful family Jose... :)

Angelica said...

I had fun and the hosts were awesome! they even matched the event!! Sylvia..
Alex and me know for sure that Sylvia have everything to do with us winning!

Michelle said...

Aww how fun right?!

And Kika... you guys are cheaters... you, Alex, and my Mom. LOL Now you and Alex must take the hostesses out.

Anonymous said...

Felicidades a Nikki.
de tu tia Ade.

Chely said...

I had a Great time with you guys! It was short but sweet.=)

My favorite part...all the kisses I get to give and receive.

Congratulations Nikki. I hope you had a blast.


Tia Chely

ChrisJ said...

You have such beautiful girls in your family! -- with beautiful smiles.

catscratch said...

I love it when my kiddies give me sugar and it's captured by the camera. Looks like everybody had an awesome time!

Sandy said...

Wow, more baby have a lot of family.

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