Friday, May 07, 2010

What's In a Word

You know how sometimes my hand starts writing what my mind is mumbling.

I may say it in appreciation
But not once to offend you at all
When I say it, it’s from the heart
And not from an empty soul
It’s a word I learned to use
Since I was a little boy
And over time I have found out
Many, don’t say it at all
As I now know it has “dual” meaning
I’ll bite my tongue as I go along
I’ll keep it tucked deep inside me
And pretend it doesn’t exist at all
Wow that does sound it could be easy enough
After all what’s in a word
Letters, spaces, pronunciation
And a mouth to sound it off
I had this one so pinned down
After using it for so long
How could I have been so wrong?
How old fashion can I be?
Going through life and being clueless
A dork? A nerd? Yes I must be
But in the realm of things
And given my limited education
I use the work plenty and freely
As I eat, sleep, love, and live
But from now on I’ll remember
Words can be a two-way street.



Tara said...

Very nice Jose :)

Jose said...

Tara - Maybe one day I will write a book like you.

Chely said...

OK, I missed it...What's the word?=/

ChrisJ said...

Me too. Don't know which word. But I do know words can hurt, never mind what the old rhyme says about sticks and stones.

Elena said...

De verdad Fide, estaba esperando la palabra al final de tu poema y no la encontre. Pero perdonanos, no es tu culpa, lo que pasa es que en nuestro mundo que siempre nos ofrese todo hecho nos cuesta trabajo penetrar en ese genero literario que es la poesia, donde tenemos que usar el cerebro, que entre otras cosas esta lleno de telaranas por falta de uso.
Absolutamente de acuerdo con tu frace final.

MrManuel said...

Words rule!

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