Wednesday, June 23, 2010

Happy Anniversary To My Blog!

Wow! So who would have guessed that when I started blogging back in June of 2006 I would last this long? It's hard to believe but yes, this is my fourth blogiversary and even though I don't blog daily I say I still keep this pretty alive. This particular post is marking my 800th post, that definitely is a lot of writing and lots of information.

While I have touched on many subjects I try to keep away from controversy, I believe that negativity really won't take us anywhere so I prefer to remain as positive as I can be. What better way to achieve that than by concentrating on my friends and my family. Yeah, family, what can be more positive than that?

I will probably continue to post tidbits of my family life which is what this blog seems to gravitate around, and will try to keep it fresh or at least as fresh as I can and move forward into the fifth year, let's just see how far I can take this.

I am sure there will be lots more pictures to come, so stay tuned for that and as always I am open to suggestions and new ideas.



Wanda said...

Congratulations for FOUR years. That is so cool, Mr. Joe Cool.

I can't imagine not knowing you...So glad me met on the blog, and then in person.

Too many more years of friendship and blogging.

Love and Hugs

ChrisJ said...

Congratulations Jose! I love hearing about all your wonderful family -- and other antics, such as kareoke and singing in the choir. Good for you! Keep it up. I'm only 6 months behind you.

Chely said...

Congratulations. I've been meaning to return to my blog, but photos and slideshows have taken over my writing. =(

So, what ever happened to your ABC Wednesdays???

Crystal said...

Congratulations Tio! ♥

Tara said...

Happy Blogiversary!!!! :)

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