Wednesday, June 02, 2010

Memorial Day

So as you all know my camping trip was a success. I had so much fun and I loved the company soooo call me selfish but I want more. Therefore for the 4th of July 4-day weekend (what? yours is only three days, too bad, so sad) I am going to San Diego basically for the first time ever and will either go to Sea World and the San Diego Zoo or maybe just Sea World. One day for traveling and exploring, two days for Sea World my ticket supplier (Jen) can only get 2-day passes, and the last day for the beach (Jr. stop asking me to pronounce this word) and then traveling back to Phoenix, yeah that sounds like a plan. I am really looking forward to this trip so those of you that can afford it should plan to attend.

Since I have never been there, I need some pointers from those of you that have. What to see? What to expect? What is a must see at Sea World? What is a must see in San Diego?, Where to stay? Where to eat? What beach to visit? And so on, and so on.


So Monday my daughter Nikki texts me first thing in the morning and asks:
Nikki: Daddy, are we doing anything today as a family?
Dad: I heard something about a carne asada.
Nikki: Really? I didn't
Dad: LOL that's cause I just made it up.
Nikki: Ja ja
Dad: So, set it up. Call everybody.
(Sorry huge family of mine, in this case everybody meant my big little nucleus)
Nikki: But I heard the sink in your house is busted. And Jen said we could do it at her house but they are having bathroom issues. Kika said maybe at Edgar's, but he said all spaces in his apartment were booked sooooo, Kika said her house it is.

So at about 1:00 p.m. we all started showing up. Carne Asada, rice, pasta soup, salsa, sodas, fruit, we had it all and we had a fantastic time together. the whole family showed up. I must be one heck of a lucky guy because all my 10 +1 grand kids were there. Even my cunado Mario was here from California, he got to see the whole family this time around.

Here are a few images captured during our get together:

My beautiful sister in law, and our gracious host.

My brother in law and I and a clown in the background.

Alex, Michelle, Nikki, and Loyiel.

Loyiel and Mario showing how it takes two to hug Juan.

Ariel just would not get away from me or let anyone get close to me.

My daughter in law dubbed this image "The Parking Lot".

Me, Juan, and Atalie.



Angelica said...

I love it! wE HAD fun!!

Michelle said...

Yes fun indeed. Arielle is back to her old self being over protective of you. And I like the parking lot picture. Now we should get one of all 10!

ChrisJ said...

The Parking Lot photo is a hoot! There is way too much to see in San Diego for one weekend. Better plan a second trip too. Sea world and the zoo are both great. Sea world is better for younger children, The zoo is LARGE with a lot of walking. But it's a first class zoo.

Anonymous said...

I MISS Carne' Asada!!!! Victor NEVER cooks it for me! :(
Sounds like you had a good family day..
Now about San Diego.. I haven't been to Sea world since 1978 (when my oldest was 4).. Old town San Diego is cool.... Also, um.. downtown near the beach. Touristy but cool... BEACH BEACH!!! Remember what you'll be coming home to! this furnace we call The West Valley of Phoenix!!! LOL
My sister's grand son was born during the week last week and has been in the NICU in San Diego since the night he was born; I was suppose to go when he was born; I am going down this weekend with my sister to La Jolla.. I'm looking forward to "the cool"..

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