Tuesday, June 08, 2010

Tidbits From Here and There

A little princess I tell ya!

It's finally here, oh yes I was missing it but at the same time I was a little happy it was late in showing up, but after this Sunday we can no longer ignore that the triple digits mean heat. Yes, it is hot in Phoenix and the swimming pool is almost swimable (if that's a word). We should be enjoying it by this Friday. Yey!

But in my case that also means less bike rides. I may or may not venture at least one day riding to work, remember the asphalt is hotter than the actual temperature so riding in 110 degree weather is really like riding in 120 degrees. Yikes! (I spelled it correctly, right Nikki?).

So, last Saturday Alayna had her dance recital. She looked so pretty in her bright yellow outfit, and looked like the little princess (or as she says, "Princesa")that she is. Mr. Diego had a flower for her which he held through the whole show. By the way, Diego was shouting at the older girls instead of the youngest ones. Ummm! Poor, flower I thought it wouldn't survive, but it did. She of course being as girly as she is was happy to get it.

Here Diego is holding that poor little flower. It survived and Alayna was happy.

I am sure there are more things going on these days but for the most part nothing out of the ordinary. So, I will leave you with some more images from past days.

Alayna is the one in the front at the left.

Of course she had to pose with grandpa and Diego.

And a kiss for good luck, instead of break a leg. It worked because she did great.

Here is the whole family.



nikkidaarling said...


(and FYI, we SO say "Jikes" any chance we get in the art room thanks to you ;D!)

Wanda said...

Oh what a darling family...

And that little Princess...How lucky you are to get a kiss from a princess!!

Jenny from the Blog said...

Alayna looks adorable as usual!! I'm sorry I missed it but I couldn't pass up a trip to California!!

ChrisJ said...

Alayna is so beautiful in her yellow outfit -- and those sweet cute dimples! You always get good shots, Jose.

Incidentally, your hot weather kicks in and our June gloom thickens! It was positively cold tonight and will be worse tomorrow, so they say. Cold means in the 60's and a cool wind.

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