Monday, July 05, 2010

San Diego - Day One

San Diego.

As I said before, what started as a trip for four escalated to a trip for about 30, that's just how we roll. Granted there was no way we could be together but the idea is to experience the same place at the same time as a family vacation, and in that sense we accomplished that goal. Sea World in San Diego California was the place of choice.

All of us took advantage of the holiday weekend except Nikki and Loyiel. We all took Friday off so our three day weekend turned into a 4-day one. Seven of my ten grand kids went and I was in charge of one of them. People let me tell you the term "Grandpa" came out of this little boy's mouth well past 500 times during the four days and not to mention the brief moment at Sea World were I actually saw all the rest including my honorary grand kids. As of this weekend the word Grandpa took a whole new meaning.

Only quick food stop on our way over to San Diego.

So we made it in pretty good time, I found out that I have to learn to eat on the go to shave some time of the traveling time. Ha, there goes my "The getting there is part of the the fun theory". But hey, it worked and we got there, it was good that I shaved some time of the traveling time because I needed it to unload the van from the plethora of luggage I was carrying. The term better more than not enough (luggage) took on a whole new meaning as well. It's all about new experiences and new ways and one common outcome.

We were waiting for three more people that were going to meet us from the L.A. area. Luckily we didn't have to wait for too long as they got there pretty quick.

Dear Twitter:
I am waiting for these people that I have never met in my life. Who are they? Where do they come from? What do they want with me? OK I am lying, I know one of the three.

After the proper introductions, we all jumped in the van and headed for the Gaslamp District. I had heard this was a place to visit but what I saw reminded me too much of the Stapples Center in Los Angeles or Westgate City Center in Glendale, Arizona, that it didn't really caught our attention.

Dear Twitter:
If the sign on 5th Ave looks like a STOP sign, it probably is. Please make sure to completely stop and not just totally pause.

So, no, we did not stop and instead headed towards Seaport Village. Now here we got lucky to find a parking spot right away. Then we proceeded to go and explore. This place had everything I like. Restaurants, attractions, vendors, and plenty of things to photograph. It felt like a mini Venice Beach to me, although we all know there is no contest, Venice Beach has no equal.

Scene from Seaport Village.

We walked up and down, we ate and none of us got food from the same restaurant. Some wanted pizza, some wanted chicken wings, others wanted Greek food, and some of us had fish tacos. Then we proceeded to do some shopping and some more photo ops. I even visited the Harley Davidson store which someone tried to conceal it from me. The nerve!

My kind of store, my kind of shopping.

Not to stop our day there we decided to head towards Old San Diego. I would have never known about this place if it wasn't for our pseudo guides a.k.a. our guests. We couldn't find parking here either but finally right on the center of the little strip where all the stores are there was a spot and me being the good parallel parking expert that I am immediately filled that one void by the sidewalk.

This was a total surprise, this place was awesome. Plenty to do and see here.

Dear Twitter:
Remind me to stop feeding the seven year old boy in your custody or we will regret it later. Fair warning!

This lady had no free time on her hands, she sold tortillas corn or flour that she made right there while you waited. I think it was a dollar a piece. They put butter and chili on them, but she also had chocolate and strawberry flavored tortillas. I tried a strawberry tortilla and I loved it. Oh and don't let me forget about the buñuelo I bought from there too and for the kids churros, fresh churros that were better than my favorite Costco churros.

Here we also did some shopping, from T-Shirts to gifts, to drinks and so on.

Dear Twitter:
Please, oh please do not lose the six year old child in our custody... What? We did! I think we did, but I found her, so dear twitter I am the hero and have not been rewarded. Just know that I intend to collect. lol

Wow, play by play of a four day vacation is hard and to some it may be boring but to us that went the memories will stay in our memory banks for a long time to come. We finished the night on a bad note. While we decided to go out for a last dinner of the day, more like a supper since it was late, we went ahead and order our food and this trio came and started serenading us with some romantic crappy music that I requested so I could sing along, while my seven year old stow away whom had been eating all day decided that the restaurant was as good a place as any to throw it all up, and I mean all of it. I was proud of myself because I was so concerned about everyone else not starting a chain reaction that I kept covering it with napkins while he happily kept throwing up now all over me. Ha and I didn't even gagged once. Now doubt I am the man.

Ja,ja, the poor musicos did not sign up for what was about to happen right in front of them.

When I came back from the bathroom from practically giving this kid a bath and washing all his clothes as well as mine we went back to the dinning room where our food was being packed to go. The mess had already been cleaned by our brave (he had no choice) waiter so needless to say he received a considerable tip from me and then from all of us from the food.

Dear Twitter:
This was the most expensive uneaten dinner that almost was. Thank you seven year old little dude.

Back at the hotel the food remained in the boxes and all seven of us decided to crash and rest for the next day.


Dear Twitter, I am wearing this disguise while eating my churro because I don't want them to recognize me later on when I regurgitate it all over the restaurant.

Dear Twitter:
From our L.A. guest
Why am I sleeping on the floor of Chula Vista hotel almost touching heads with this man I don't even know.



ChrisJ said...

You are a MOST dedicated Grandpa! And we didn't even have any sunshine for you. Haven't had any in weeks. I'm getting very tired of the June gloom!

Wanda said...

You would make a great Tour Guide. I'll sign up any day....
Love San Diego, but now that Jill lives in Oregon...I probably won't visit as often.

A warm homemade tortilla with butter...oh droooooool!

MrManuel said...

Looks like a great time and so pretty there. I can't wait to go in September.

Anonymous said...

You left 1 important fact out....Dear Twitter....Remember to turn the van off while at Sea World for 7 hours.......

Jose said...

Chris - It was gloomy but that didn't stop me from getting all sunburned, or was it wind burned? I loved it but glad to be back in my deseert.

Wanda - I hear Oregon has some wonderful spots too. Oh, and those tortillas were really, really good tasting.

MrManuel - You are just having too much fun traveling these days. I really liked San Diego.

Anonymous - How would you know about that insident, it hasn't happen yet. That is day 2 at Sea World. You must be psychic.

Sandy said...

that's a lot of people going there and seeing these photos, ohhh makes me want to make a trip there myself again. It's been a long time since I was at Seaport Village, ..Balboa Park, etc..all those cool San Diego places and I'm only up the 15 freeway from it all, about an hour and 20 minutes...if that.

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