Wednesday, July 07, 2010

San Diego - Day Two

I Believe! Do you?


Yes I believe that to get to Sea World from Chula Vista the co-pilot (I will not mention a name as to not hurt any susceptibilities) first have to grab the pre-printed directions and follow them step by step and from top to bottom to direct the driver (in this case me). In a few minutes it was like, oh yey the San Diego Zoo, we are here! Oh wait, the co-pilot first has to make sure to grab the correct map and directions for Sea World and not for the Zoo. Well not all was lost as the zoo was to be the next day's destination and at least now we knew where it was.

So, we get to Sea World and follow the endless amount of orange cones on the floor which eventually led us to the dungeon of parking lots, way, way at the end. I guess that was their idea of giving us a warm up and a taste of all the walking we would be doing all day long.

So I parked the van, and open the rear door to get the stroller and the cooler which would be coming in with us. I felt some heat coming from the bottom of the van but really didn't think anything of it. Then a good Samaritan told me that the keys were still hanging from the ignition switch, I said thanks and proceeded to pull them out, I closed the doors and off we went.

I immediately started capturing image after image. I had never been to Sea World but I was fortunate enough to visit Marineland at least three times before it was finally closed forever, so the feel was like I had seen the shows except obviously they are more updated. The kids kept choosing the soak zones for us, luckily I escaped getting wet but some of us looked very prepared just in case.

Dear Twitter, I'm telling you if my beautiful new yellow sweater is soaked with fish smelly salty dolphin water, I am sending Jose the dry cleaners bill.

This is what happens when you want to seat in the "Soak Zone". Yeah! Like if they cared.

After this we all decided to go eat. The kids being the fast eaters that they are, decided to go on the rapids ride and get soaked some more. Which meant a trip to the parking lot, remember the dungeon parking lot we were sent to? Yep, that one, we went to get the kids changed and as we get there we noticed that the engine in my van was running. What the heck? Yep! when I pulled the key from the ignition switch in the morning it was still running, that means that my awesome van was idling for at least seven hours and only half a quarter gas was burnt. Of course someone is not going to let me forget that for a long time to come and will continue to laugh everytime the story is told.

@jose- you would say something like that. Next time ill write dear twitter why did jose leave his car on for 7 hrs at sea world lol

@jen - It was a test of endurance, the car has to match the owner. It passed with flying colors. :)

All in all, a wonderful day watching all the shows, I bought a nice sweater for Diego for $35.00 only to lose it within the hour. (That one still hurts) The sky was overcast and we still got totally sunburned. Saw most of the shows and ate all day since we bought the all day meal passes. Moved the van from the dungeon to a more VIP parking space. Bought souvenirs and pictures, and in the end even got to see the fireworks. And yes, at this time we were very tired.

Once back at the hotel, our guests were leaving us and returning to the L.A. area. After the goodbyes we went in to rest in anticipation for day three.

The Sand Diego Zoo.


So, one of our three guests was told that I am a blogger and somehow she correlated the blogging world with Twitter. "What do you mean you blog? Is it like Dear Twitter?" she said. So now you know why all the Dear Twitter captions on the past post and this one. Once she started there was no stopping her. It was Dear Twitter this, Dear Twitter that and I was the center of it all so I warned her and told her that if she kept that up I would blog about her and put her in my blog.

"I dare you, I dare you" was her reply so since I keep my promises here she is, my new friend Jennifer whom somehow during this trip thought she was the sheriff.

To quote her: I'm available and single and ready to mingle.

But in all honesty, it was really nice meeting her. This trip definitely left a ton of good memories and I am sure there are more to come in the near future.

I positioned Diego in a way I could get these performers in the shot and they automatically lowered themselves to be in the picture.

Awww, a kid at heart!


Joe Cool!

The crowd!



Nikki Darling said...

LOL you better back up off our twitter! :)

Ugh I just LOVE love love seaworld! Even the cheesy-ness that is "Believe", because you know that show was cheesy haha. I <3 <3 <3 it though!

Jose said...

LOL - So cheesy in fact that they make fun of it at the Sea Lion show. I laughed throughout the whole show.

Do people still Twitter? I thought it was dead.

Wanda said...

Some of my favorite memories with our kids was at Sea World. Wow, that was so many years 40!

Love your pictures.....

Jose said...

Wanda - I had never been there before and it has been well over 30 years since I've been to Disney. That's it, I am going out a little more now, gotta catch up.

Michelle said...

Oh I like that pic of Diego with the performers. I couldn't help but laugh when I heard the story of you leaving the car on. Ay Daddy!

Jose said...

Michelle - Yeah, add yourself to the lets laugh at Joe Cool for doing that. Some are still laughing and picking on me. lol

Anonymous said...

That is a lifetime laugh that we will never let you forget...till this day I laugh with lots of tears in my eyes..............

MrManuel said...

I've never done Sea World, but we have a place close that is similar called, or at least used to be called, Marine World. Same cool concept.

Jose said...

Yeah? Where is that place at? I missed Marineland in The Palos Verdes peninsula when they closed it. It was such a nice place to go and visit.

Jose said...

Anonymous - Happy to be of amuzement to you. lol

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