Saturday, July 17, 2010

Tidbits Time

And it comes faster than I expect it. It's like today is Monday and all I hear about is how everyone is so mad, and how much they hate Monday, and then I blink my eyes and it's Saturday again. That just leaves me wondering, "What happened to Tuesday, Wednesday, and Thursday?" But no matter, if it's Saturday might as well enjoy it. That's why the plan for tonight is to finally go watch Toy Story 3. All I keep hearing is how good that movie is.


Borrowed this from the Interne. That is my idea of an awesome ice chest.

I would like to thank yesterday's monsoon for messing up my car. The light coat of dust you left all over it is trying to make a permanent home there, but it's not taking any new tenants, so no thank you you will soon be evicted. If it wasn't cause right now it's too hot to be out there washing cars you would already be gone. Well, it's only about 109 degrees today, but it really feels like if it was more. I love these hot summer days, what I don't love is how my electricity bill jumped from $85.00 a month to $333.06, and probably more next month. Not happy, not happy at all.


I am happy to report that I feel the very and exact opposite way. lol I love



Happy birthday to you
Happy birthday to you
Happy birthday dear princesa
Happy birthday to you

And may more

Yes my princesa turned Five years old today and she was pretty happy about it. She knows her fiesta will be next week, so she is cool with that. In the meantime she patiently awaits.



MrManuel said...

$336 electricity bill!??! Good god, man!

Michelle said...

Patiently sucks her thumb as she waits...

Sandy said...

beautiful sweet little girl.

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