Tuesday, July 13, 2010

Mustang an Iconic Car.

My baby!
My 1993. Fox boddied Mustang.

Well it was bound to happen, this thing was just there waiting for me and it seemed nobody else would dare touch it cause it was to be mine. So, at least for now I already enjoyed it for a day, I am turning in some more paperwork today, etc, etc, and hopefully this baby will finally be mine, mine, all mine. It certainly makes a great addition to my stable, two ponies and a Bronco. Now if only the Bronco would work. lol

My son keeps asking himself where he went wrong because I continue to buy Fords instead of his beloved Chevys but come on, a Mustang is like apple pie, is an icon that comes second to none. There are Camaros, and Corvettes, but then there are the iconic Mustangs and there are in a league all its own.

So, cross your fingers everybody and lets hope I don't have to return those keys tonight.

Here are some great looking ponies.

I love the paint scheme on this one, I would love for my Fox Body Mustang to look like this. Ummm maybe it will.

Dressed in black.

Pretty in pink.

Knight Rider.


And now I am proud to present to you my new baby, a second pony to enhance my stable.



Michelle said...

Oh that pink one made me drool! I really want a pink one! I always have since I was younger and we saw one at a carshow do you remember? I like your new baby and I hope you don't have to take the keys back... it already has a space in the garage!

MrManuel said...

Hell yeah, Jose!

Nikki Darling said...

Loyiel and I APPROVE!!! And I totally agree with michelle! Michelle can have the full pink body, I want that black and pink beauty!

Can't wait to drive that sucker! I really miss driving stick!

Jenny from the Blog said...

Fords suck.

The rims are nice.

But I'm happy you got what you wanted.

<3 You!

Elena said...

Felicidades brother, te espero para que me des el remojo, gracias.

Maryita said...

Wow Tio! I loveeee the new addition to your family! Congrats! =)

ChrisJ said...

Well good for you Jose. I wondered where you were. Must have been drooling over this latest car.

Ade said...

Te felicito Jose ya te habias tardado te lo mereces

Chely said...

Congratulations Fide! Looking forward to hitching a ride.=)

As I'm reading your latest posts I'm listening to Mana's "Vivir Sin Aire" and it dawned on me, that... You finally have air conditioning in your new car!!!!!!

So very fitting and necessary since you posted above that it's 109 degrees in Arizona today.

Besitos ~ Chely

Jose said...

Je, je, how appropiate. Vivir sin aire. Yep, for many years I went without it a lived. This year I was driving the mini van so no problem there. The new car with a black leahter interior does get a little hot too. But yes, the AC does it's job.

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