Thursday, July 01, 2010


So can I be a little kid at heart and be excited? Not only have I never been there but to be there for the first time with so many loved ones is definitely a highlight. We normally do this on our yearly Knott's Berry Farm trip but this year due to the three new additions to the clan we had to miss it. So just to prove a point and to show you how we blow thing out of proportion what started as a simple outing for four turned out into a full blown family vacation and some 20+ of us will be going.

Overwhelming for some, I say yes but I think that with a little effort and lots of understanding not to mention some more family members from California things once again are looking good and we are set to go. I must say there for a while things almost went south. Wait, we are going south, no, more like south west but oh well we are going and that's all that matters.

Without a doubt we love to go out together even if we all leave on our own and at our own pace, and when we get to our destination if we can snap a group picture we'll be lucky because once again we all divide into smaller groups as we all have different ways of pursuing our fun.

It seems the only the only place we will have in common is on Saturday as we go to Sea World to visit Shamu. Sunday for my tiny group will be a day at the San Diego Zoo and Monday we will go to the beach to admire the ocean for a while before returning to Phoenix. Hopefully our Friday will be spent shopping for souvenirs and stuff. If things go at least half as we have them planned it should make it for a good short vacation.

A definite highlight should be Saturday at night as Sea World will have fireworks, I am expecting that there may be lots of people but hopefully it won't be too crowded. In any case I am going with a mindset of lets have fun regardless of.

So... San Diego, here we come! I am totally excited about Sea World and The Zoo but at the same time dread all the walking we'll be doing. I know at the end of each day we'll be super tired and those hotel beds will be just an added attraction and a sight for sore eyes.

Yes, I will most likely blog about it and will post lots of pics sometime on Tuesday when I am back. So stay tuned!



Wanda said...

Oh Jose...... YES be the kid, and have a marvelous time in San Diego. The Zoo, Sea World....have a blast and take lots of pictures.

Anonymous said...

Im excited for you Tio!

The zoo is GREAT, I LOVE the San Diego Zoo...

Be safe and think of me while your there.

Love Vane

MrManuel said...

We're doing San Diego for a few days in September. SHould be a great time!

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