Tuesday, August 10, 2010


ABC Wednesday.

OK I am still not playing but just for the heck of it here are some awesome "D's".


Monday was Ducky's first day of school and he was ready for it. Doesn't he look handsome in his school uniform. Growing in Mexico we always wore uniforms and I loved it, I am glad they have to wear them here too.


How can I forget this, I still remember the day "mi chica" called me crying and said she had been hit by a bit semi-truck. In the end, damaged as the van was we drove it home with the officer's blessing.


My dear friend ChrisJ of Flamblogger did this drawing for me about a year ago. Not only did she drawing thinking I would like the Mustang, which I did, but she also send me the original drawing along with three other miniature drawings she had done based on pictures I took during my Mexican vacation.


Here's a painting of my dad done by my dear friend Tara of Soul Blessings. One day I said I wanted a painting done by her, I did not tell her what to paint. The very next day she posted this on FaceBook and tagged me with it. Needless to say I was beyond words when I saw it. I am still thanking her for it and I am not done yet.

Oh yes, the canvas made it's way to my house. I had it framed and now proudly hangs on my wall.



Wanda said...

What do you mean you're not playing....

I think you are in the game, and this is a wonderful array of D's. I recognize the drawing from Chris, and I remember the awesome painting of your dad.

Great job for someone who is not playing the game. hahaha Love ya.

Nikki Darling said...

Ducky!!! ♥

MrManuel said...

I don't get the not playing thing. SOme great Ds! Well, the damage one sucks, but the rest were outstanding.

Jenny from the Blog said...

Joe, Please do tell me about this ABC Wednesdays thing....

I like your D's!!

Sandy said...

Well....Ducky is adorable. How cute, his first day of school. He is so cute.

Chris did that painting, wow. She did a great job.

And so did Tara.

ChrisJ said...

Ducky is a delightful 'D' I love that wonderful smile. He's going to be a heart-breaker one day. And I'm so honored to have you post my drawing. I haven't been posting as many comments as I want to so I am trying to regroup and go to my faithful 'old' friends and bloggers
first. The ABC thing is kind of stressful because the first half of my week is the busiest. But I want to finish it up to the end.
The painting of your father is outstanding. Blessings, Jose.

amy said...

Got to figure out what you are playing. I sure miss Thursday 13s and stuff like that but glad to be blogging again none the less..

Sorry for your loss and know im praying for ya

Tara said...

Thanks Jose :)

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