Wednesday, August 18, 2010

"E" Is For...

ABC Wednesday -- Letter "E"

Wow, so I seat here going through my photo files and I can't find anything for ABC Wednesday. It's like today "E" is for EMPTY. But I am not giving up yet. I will continue to search my files until I find something, even it only one image. So... bare with me, I'll be right back.

OK, I'm back. I found one, "E" is for:

Entertained while watching my friend play Wii.


Love Ride
Glendale, California



Wanda said...

Empty, my eye!!! you're just filled up with E's.....

Now that one elephant that only needs water.....

Love ya

Sandy said...

You found good "E"...Love that elephant bush.

Jose said...

Wanda -- I could not find anything that would apply to the letter E, so I had to start thinking outside the box. Thus entertainment and event. The elefant on the other hand...
Love ya too.

Sandy -- Took me a while but at least I found something to post. lol

Chely said...

Dear Brother:

"E" is for ELENA...Your sister. Who's birthday happens to be today! =p

When I looked at your post and saw the letter "E", up above, I immediately expected to see her name. But you missed the ball on that one. And trust me, I know you have plenty of things to share about your sister with the name that starts with an "E".



Elena said...

Buuuu Fide, me ignoraste gachamente!!!!

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