Tuesday, August 31, 2010

On a Rainy Saturday Afternoon.

Cloudy with a chance of golf balls, well at least that's what the huge raindrops looked this past Saturday.

Saturday was such a beautiful day, after waking up I had a wonderful breakfast with my sister-in-law to catch up on current events and then I went home and debated whether to clean the cars and the bike or to take a nap. I don't think I need to tell you which of the two options won cause anybody that know me will know that I opted for the nap.

My grandson Juanito turned 3-years old and so I woke up thinking it's time to go to the party. I looked outside and the weather looked beautiful it was about 5:00 p.m. and I actually felt like riding the bike, then I went outside and felt the heat so I changed my mind and decided to drive.

I left Avondale on a sunny Saturday afternoon and didn't drive more than four miles when out of nowhere these huge golf ball size raindrops started to crash with the car making a really loud noise then as if by magic I was in one of the worst downpours I had seen in my life. It was raining so hard you couldn't see more than 12 feet ahead of me and yet looking in the rear view mirror I could see how sunny it was towards my house. A motorcyclist that didn't chicken out to ride in the heat was behind me and drove in the rain for about a mile until he stopped under a bridge. Poor guy must have been soaked from heat to toe. The rain normally feels like needles hitting you while you ride. these time it must have felt more like nails.

This image shows how dark it was towards the east, however if you looked back you could see a hot sunny Saturday afternoon. Monsoons are cool that way. This image is actually deceiving as the lense captured more than our naked eyes were. You really couldn't see more than two cars ahead of you.

Image borrowed from my daughter Nikki.

Thank God, I got to my son's OK, as my family started coming in they all had the same "Oh my God, did you guys drive through that rain?" comment. Some people were not so lucky as at some point during this rain there was a 69 car pile up on I-10 due to the poor visibility created by the rain.

Well, the party went on as planned, the kids had to wait approximately 45minutes until the rain passed and then they all hit the swimming pool and had so much fun as if no rain had ever come.

Monsoons are awesome to look at but dangerous to be caught in one of them, specially if your are driving. I am glad we all made it OK.



Sandy said...

I had heard there was rain in Arizona and wow you got it.

I answered you back at my post about where these pics were taken...

Nikki Darling said...

No seriously, that picture shows soooo much more, we couldn't see the cars directly in front of us at ALL!! I'm pretty sure soon after snapping that, we pulled over under the bridge. With precious cargo on board, you can never be too safe

Wanda said...

I loved your golf ball description!!!

MrManuel said...

We actually rained overnight here on Saturday night. And yet, a few days before, it was 108 degrees.

Chely said...


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