Thursday, September 02, 2010


In just a few short hours I'll be on my way to beautiful La Puente. California where I'll be spending my next three days visiting my little sister and her daughters.

The luggage is packed and the car is ready to go, all I need now is to gas it up and point it west, rev the engine once or twice and off I go. Thanks to my daughter Nikki my iPod shuffle has over 200 songs of the widest variety imaginable, plus the six CD changer is fully loaded as well, so it will not be a boring trip at all. Oh! My new(er) car is fast and easy to abuse that gas pedal so I'll be setting that cruise control even though I really never use it. I have to play it safe.

For those of you that may need to get in contact with me, (family wise) text me on Chely's phone (friends wise) I'll be checking on my email an or my faceBook page. There's always a way to get a hold of me. Unfortunately my phone is local only and 20 minutes after I leave Phoenix I will be incommunicado.

I really have high expectations of this trip, going solo means I can go up and down at will, stop anywhere I want, have no worries about pit stops unless they are my own, and not hearing anybody nag cause I love to stop everywhere for photo ops. Although if you must know I still don't have a good camera so for now I'll be relying on my camcorder. Let's hope for some good captures.

I'll try to keep you all my faithful and loyal readers with the goings on throughout the weekend, and I promise to post as many images as I can. I know you all want to see them. lol

So until later tonight or tomorrow have a fantastic rest of your Thursday.


1 comment:

Wanda said...

Have a great time with Sis! Your car sounds like a great companion for such a road trip... I can hear you singing now~~ LaLaLa

Be safe!

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