Friday, September 03, 2010

On The Road Again!

Pit stop in Quartzite. My stop of choice is always Luvs truck stop.

So, I hit the road at exactly 5:30 p.m. Luis Miguel will be singing some cool stuff for the next hour or so and I am stoked cause I am finally on my way. I expected traffic to be heavy but to my surprise it really wasn't and before I knew it I was in the open highway. So I set the car speed at 80 miles per hour, just 5 miles over Arizona's limit and drove west.

I got to Quartzite in less than two hours. As always I had to stop at the Luvs truck stop for some of my magic brew. I always carry my own cup so refills are like .80 cents or so. What I do is fill it half ways with their strongest coffee and fill it all the way up with the Vanilla gourmet coffee, when combined it makes an awesomely good tasting coffee not too sweet and yet strong enough to keep me awake. Ummm que rico!

Of course my trusty steed would be photographed. What an awesome traveling companion it turned to be. Oh, and fast too! Here my pony poses in front of an old gas station. Take a look a the light, and specially the gas pumps.

Oh what a feeling to be able to keep up with those fools on the road that think they are speed racer participating in the Canonball Run or something. I thought I was going fast but the two tiny headlights on my rear view mirror caught up to me really fast, as I moved to the right to let this very fast car pass me thinking it's some sort of an expensive sports model I just laughed cause most of this speed racers were driving some kind of a basket case and were probably just trying to blow the engine. I don't know but in my case I prefer the "Better late than never" style of driving.

Over at Chiriaco Summit in Arizona one of my favorite resting spots and photo op place I parked the car by this old gas station complete with antique gas pumps and old props and signs. What a nice magical place this is.

Some poor traveler forgot his/her luggage and so it became a pro at this old school gas station. I so would like to photograph this during the day too.

The top of the old gas pump.

I got to La Puente earlier that projected. Do not blame me for this, blame my trusty steed, since I was in the process of taming him it took over at times and really welcomed the open road with as much gusto and speed as it wanted to show me.

Needless to say my sister was not ready for me, she knew I would be hungry so she had planned to cook for me. Well no worries, in less than a blink of an eye she had cooked some very tasty "bistec empanisado" or breaded stakes, complete with an awesome red salsa and some delicious re fried beans. Again, ummm que rico! Some catching up conversation later we finally retired and went to sleep.

Ummm milanesa emanisada. Que rico!

Today we go to Downtown Los Angeles and plan on visiting the Nokia Center. Sounds like fun to me...

By the way, my sister sends you all a kiss and then says talk to the hand because the rest of me is too busy. Geeez women!

See ya all later!



Wanda said...

Already have such a good time. Such happy pictures...glad you arrived safe and your plate of food looks delish!!!

ChrisJ said...

Sounds like you are going to have a wonderful trip. Have a great weekend with your family. It will surely be cooler here than Phoenix!

Michelle said...

Oh I want a photoshoot at the old gas station!

LMAO! @ "By the way, my sister sends you all a kiss and then says talk to the hand because the rest of me is too busy. Geeez women!"

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