Sunday, October 17, 2010

Tolmachoff Farms

I can't see the maze but yes it is in that corn field.

So my Saturday started by getting some bad news that affected a really good friend of mine. Although I won't go into it here I will ask you to pray for her and her family, they really need prayers to come from all over.

The plan was to wash my cars and the bike but as always plans change at the very last minute and in this case I was happy that they did. I got an invitation to go to a corn maze and since I had never been to one I promply accepted. The Tolmachoff Farms hosts a yearly pumpkin patch and corn maze, parking was in a very dusty parking lot and I was driving the convertible, as you can imagine it ended up being very dusty thus my being happy for not washing it. I would have been extremely mad if I had.

Inside the corn maze.

There are many activities that kids and grown ups can participate in, lots of photo ops, and even live music. Kids get to pick the pumpking of their choice and they can decorate it as they like. Running around inside the maze while looking for the clues and mail boxes in there can be tiring, but it's also lots of fun and not to mention great exercise. By the time you reach the exit you probably walked a mile or two. Of course it doesn't help that the weight you may have lost in there will be regain at your local Sonics afterwards.

Help! I can't find the exit and I'm too tired to continue.

“We have a wide variety of pumpkins and a full spectrum of people.”

Dave Groemm

Pumkin painting, scarecrows, fun.

The Tomachoff Farms is a really fun place to take the kids and very affordable to go in there. Kids will definitely love the petting zoo, petting the mini horses, and freaking out at the big ostrich in there, if you are a local here in Phoenix and specially if you have kids this is a good place to visit and it's so close to us.

Tolmachoff Farms
5726 N 75th Ave
Glendale, AZ 85303-4702
(623) 386-1301



Savannah, the pumkin painter.


This is a fun train, all the cars do the same as the one in front.



Wanda said...

Jose, you are having too much fun....

Is that possible????????????????

Jose said...

Ja, ja, definitely is. I had never been to a corn maze. It was fun.

ChrisJ said...

Looks like everyone had a lot fun. I've never been in a corn maze. Will be remembering your friend in her trouble.

MrManuel said...

Prayers to your friend. Hope it isn't too bad. We did a corn maze last year that is the biggest in the US and it wiped us out! SO tiring!

Tara said...

Jose that picture in the cornfield is priceless...almost as good as the one you had with the tutu :)

Jose said...

Yeah, but the tutu still takes the price.

Anonymous said...

This looks like a fun place! They have a lot of pumpkin patches in Temecula.. I like the corn maze.. Looks like you're having a great time!

Jose said...

Doing my best Betty. How are you, your daughter, your family?

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