Saturday, October 23, 2010

Curtsie Boutique and Rufflez Girly Accesories

Last Sunday my daughter Michelle and her friend Tiffany set up store outside my house to sell some dresses, flip flops, jewelry, and of course Michelle's bows. All the stuff they sell was hand made by them and trust me there's no shortage of creativity between the both of them.

Michelle has already been selling those bow through we website but mostly through her facebook page, I have already become a good customer because believe it or not those darn things make terrific birthday presents if the receiver is a girl. Viewed from a man's perspective, it's amazing how women really go ga-ga over stuff like this.

The beauty is that they can customize lots of the stuff to suit any individual. Team spirit bows are becoming a hot item, you like the Cardinals, the Cowboys, the Dodgers, ASU, the sky is the limit. Seasonal stuff like autumn colors or Christmas, or winter, etc. etc. are hot items too.

Here I will post some of the images we captured during that event. When I say we I mean me and my grandson Ducky, once he discovered how to use the camera there was no stopping him.

So without further ado, here are some of those images. Enjoy!

The girls set up shop at around noon.

Some of the little girl dresses Tiffany made.

Cardinals / ASU bow.

Tutus, bows, flip flops, jewerly, and more.

Activity in the booth. Love to see good paying customers.

The ultimate bow display.

And this is Ducky's contribution to the photo shoot on that day.
Actually there were more like this. what an artistic eye.



Elena said...

Dimelo a mi que fui su mejor clienta comprando flip flops para mis nietas y bows para mi ahijada!!!
Siempre hacen un regalo muy especial para ninas y mujeres en general.

Wanda said...

Wish I was closer to Arizona... I would have come over!

Sandy said...

Wow, great stuff. Very creative and the bows are a great gift idea! And the baby by the way is adorable.

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