Wednesday, November 03, 2010

ABC Wednesday

Letter "P"

So today is the letter "P" and I want to start with saying "P" is for portrait:

Family portrait to be exact, this as most of you may remember was our family picture taken last year during our "Thanksgiving" family gathering. Today being mi chica's birthday, I think it's very appropriate to remember her as she always wanted us, together. This image represents just that.

The first time our daughters decided to go and celebrate New Year's away from us she cried for hours, this year for Thanksgiving our family will also be incomplete, and not necessarily because mi chica won't be with us because I believe she will, but as expected at one point in life kids will want to experience the holidays on their own and parents just have to accept this right of passage.


Here is a proud grandpa kissing his princess or as she puts it "La Princesa". She does look and act like a princess so title well deserved.


My friend ChrisJ of Flamblogger has taken about four of my pictures and turned them into awesome mini painting. This is one of them. The story with this guy goes like this. While on my trip to Mexico about two years ago this guy saw me with my camera capturing images and he called me and stood there saying please take my picture. I did and then he asked "How far is this picture going?" I told him it would go back to Arizona with me, he was happy for that. Little did he know his image would be a painting and published on a blog that has been seen around half the world.



Wanda said...

What good P's. I remember Chrisj's painting... I was not happy with mine, and never tried again.

Sandy said...

Wow, Chris did a great job!

If I don't make it back before the holidays, have a happy Thanksgiving with everyone...

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