Monday, November 08, 2010


Well, life goes on and the sun keeps rising. That in itself is motivation enough for me to get up in the morning, thank our Lord for the new day and then just hit it. Go out to work, decide which car to drive that day, or maybe just take a ride instead since our Phoenix weather is so nice these days.

Nothing like getting up and having that morning cup of coffee, too bad it does not wake me up like it used to, I have reached the conclusion that caffeine does not have an effect on my anymore, not in the morning on or at night for that matter. But I continue to have some only because of the simple reason that I enjoy it.

Last week would have been mi chica's 29 birthday again, so it was nice paying her a visit to take her some flowers and just to chit chat a bit with her. The kids had been there a little earlier and they placed these beautiful roses for her, so I added some of the flowers I took and put them with the roses and the rest were for my dad. I was not surprised to get there and to find her smoking, so typical of her.

So now in her memory I get ready to celebrate what I always thought was her favorite holiday, "Thanksgiving". She always found peace and joy in cooking and would cook daily but for Thankgiving she always made sure we had enough turkey and ham along with all the sides that go with them, she was good at coordinating with everyone else so that nothing would be missing. So I really hope this coming Thansgiving is just as great as they had always been.

The plan is to have the same delicious dishes we've had in the past and between my daughter, my sister in law, and my daughter in law I think this feast will be accomplished with no problem whatsoever.

To make the holiday even more enjoyable for me I decided to take the whole week as vacation time which means I will have some time to take a motorcycle ride and with a little luck I'll even take a drive to California again, these are only options of what I may want to do but we will see.

How are your holiday plans coming along? Are you all looking for Thanksgiving as much as I am?



Wanda said...

Yes, Yes, Yes! I pick up the turkey at Trader Joes tomorrow morning. The delegation of all the side dishes are handed out. One bringing mashed potatoes and sweet potatoes, one ham and green bean casserole, I'll make the stuffing and gravy, and Julie and I will make the pies!!

Oh yum yum!!!

Jenny from the Blog said...

It's gonna be a bitter sweet day. And we will certainly have enough good food!

You know, I think I have a picture like that with you too when you were teaching me how to Salsa...<3

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