Thursday, November 18, 2010

Last Road Trip of the Year.

There is always the goosebumps and the anticipation before I hit the road and today it's no different. In just a few more hours I will be hitting the road in what will be my last road trip to California this year.

This is sort of a prelude to Thanksgiving, first because I have 10 glorious days off from work, and second because my little sister won't be able to come join us here in Phoenix and her girls will be spending the holiday with their dad, so once again we will have all Friday, Saturday, and Sunday to go out and explore, then I'll be coming back home on Monday.

I am sure we will be visiting new places and or places we haven't been to in a long time. As you remember back in my August trip, we went down memory lane and cruise by our old neighbourhood, schools, and we went to the Staples Center, the Pomona Antique Row and the Chinese Buddhist Temple.

So I am sure some new adventures and places await for me this time. One thing is for sure, whatever I do and wherever I go you'll probably will experience it with me through all the images that we will most likely capture and that I will gladly post here in my blog and probably on facebook as well.

As always, I welcome any ideas or suggestions on places to visit keeping in mind of course that it's always on a tight budget, so do not send me to Disneyland or Magic Mountain because those places are already scrateched off the list. lol

So, I can't wait to hit the road. I will do my best not to stop so much and to maybe shorten my trip time by at least an hour. Yes, my new pony is fast but once again I'll probably set the cruise control at a confortable speed and just let it get there when it gets there. What's my motto when I travel? That's right, the getting there is always a big part of the whole trip.

So stay tunned as I let you know where I went and post some pics. In the meantime may you all have a fantastic weekend.

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