Tuesday, December 14, 2010


It's sad to see how we take things for granted. Because God is being good to us we don't realize how fortunate we are, but then you sing up to sponsor a kid or a veteran for Christmas just so that they can have a present to unwrap and it kind of put things in perspective. When you get your "star" (in this case a sheet of paper) the first thing you see is a number, mine was D133B, and yes after that there is a name, my veteran's name is Joe but weather it's easier or more convenient I would hate to bee files as D133B and would prefer to find my file under "J" for Jose or Joe.

Another year is gone. Another Christmas is here! And I can't help but wonder where did the year go? What happened to it? It slipped right through my hands in what seemed like a blink of an eye. I have mentioned this before, now that I am older I don't like my years to disappear quite this fast except they do not ask me for permission. The days just come and go it seems at will.

So hopefully this sweatshirt/long sleeve t-shirt my veteran chose will be easy to find.

In the meantime, this is the best time to reflect on all of our blessings, on our families, on our health, and on those things that we don't want in our lives, like unemployment and poverty. Let's pray that things change for the better and our politicians finally see the light and do as they are expected.

Otherwise, we will become a number in the long lines of poverty. A lot of us can probably live with the essentials but it's gotta be hard to live with nothing. So do your part and if you are one of the lucky ones working as I am do not complain about your work conditions, about not getting a raise, about how not getting along, because even with all that many of us are probably way better off than most. I prefer to look for the positives and not the negatives, it just makes my life so much easier.


ChrisJ said...

Hey, Jose. This certainly is a good time for reflection . Our computer has been down all day but finally came back. We do a lot of giving to the homeless through our church because then we know it goes where it's supposed to go. We also support the Salvation Army. My oldest son takes his girlfriend and little girl (8) to the toy store and the little girl (Haley) gets to pick out a LOT of toys to give to the Salvation Army. They have been doing this for several years and Haley loves to do it. Have a blessed Christmas, with all your family -- and yes, we have so much to be thankful for. God bless.

Wanda said...

Jose, this is a good time for reflection, and giving of ones self.

When I see the poverty around us, I know I'm blessed beyond measure.

We support several missionaries and causes. To Whom much is given, much is required... I take that seriously.

Blessing on you Jose.... You are a blessing to so many.

Love and Hugs

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