Thursday, December 09, 2010

Through The Years

So I finally started a YouTube page to post some of the song vides my friends and family as well as myself record. Here I attempted to sing the Kenny Roger's classic "Through The Years.

I also intend to record as many songs as I can from our church choir and I will upload them little by little as they are available. Yes, the choirboy has been very active and is heading to his firs anniversary as a choir member.

If you want to visit my you tube page follow the following link and put it in your favorites so you can visit often, trust me I am trying to add something everyday so that there's always something fresh and new to be found.


ChrisJ said...

So, Mr. Joe Cool, you really are cool and that is a very cool song. Congratulations on your you tube feature.

Chely said...

Interesting how you always find so many features to an application.

Me on the other hand neglect to see these features. I only have my YouTube account, strictly to upload my videos and search for songs that I love.

Once in a while, I get requests to be friends with other YouTube users, but I always ignore the requests.


Wanda said...

My dear Jose... You brought a tear this morning, as when Don and I renewed our Marriage vows on our 40th Anniversary...We played this very song from Kenny Rogers as part of our service. It just said what Don and I had felt "Through the Years."

This is such a good thing you are doing.... Will look forward to many more songs...

Love and Hugs

catscratch said...

Breath taking!

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