Wednesday, December 01, 2010

Jurassic Park

Yes I am a dinosaur but of a different kind.

The plan was to leave sort of early but as always I procrastinate and by the time I took a look at the clock it was 3:00 pm. Of course my lil sis insisted in cooking for me because this would actually be the only meal she cooked for me this time. So I was only to happy to stick around for the fish, bean, and salad meal. Ummm que rico!

I said good bye and walked out, couple of more pictures and I was on my way. First stop to gas up. I noticed traffic was building up and then I realized it was Monday, so I gassed up as fast as I could and then headed towards the freeway. Being so close to the Pomona Freeway I decided to just take that one, big mistake, the 60 during rush hour is horrendous. If it wasn't cause when I travel I don't care about traffic I may have gotten upset. Fortunately that is just not me.

Joe Cool is ready to hit the road.

The freeway was at a stand still and all of a sudden I see these big rig move, I thought it was me moving so I apply the brakes only to realize that it wasn't my car the one moving but in fact it was the big rig, the pick up truck behind it didn't have a chance it was like roll, roll, roll, and then bam!!! I must give it to the pick up truck, it took the hit valiantly, I did not noticed extreme damage but I can just imagine the feeling of being behind a huge semi-truck and seeing it come your way.

Traffic lighten up a bit and I started cruising at a more steady pace. No food stops this time since my sister did feed me. I got to the Cabazon area and I just had to make a stop at the one place I missed back in August. The Cabazon dinosaurs were there just waiting for me. I've stopped here before but every time feels like the first time. This place is as close as I'll ever get to a Jurassic Park.

The Cabazon dinos.

It was cold, it was windy, and it was exciting. I captured a few good images of these fine specimens, went inside the belly of Dinny the big apatosaurus, and 40 minutes later I was back on the highway.

Of course back in the jurassic era when dinosaurs roamed the earth, the Mustang already was the transportation of choice for the caveman. Smart fellows those cavemen were and with good taste too.

For more info on the Cabazon Dinos just CLICK HERE!

Another stop just to get me a coffee and a last stop in Quartzite to top of the gas tank and by 10:00 pm I was back at home.

Another great fun California trip, the last one this year. God providing I'll do this again next year.


ChrisJ said...

If photography ever becomes a viable career again, you'll make a mint of money. These photos are so good. Glad you had such a good time with your family and that you arrived home safely.

Jose said...

Thank you Chris, they were taken with a very low pixel digital video camera of all things. I still have not replaced my regular camera. :)

Glad to have you back, oh what a cruise that must have been.

Michelle said...

Man some of those dinosaur pics are good! Awesome!

Chely said...

You know what? I was assuming that you had downloaded these Dinosaur pictures from a website, cause they are AMAZING!!!

I love the colors AND the angles on all the shots you took. Great, great job on these Fide.

I'm impressed! =)

Jose said...

I am glad you guys liked them. I was really mad when a truck made me miss the exit back in August but this time I made sure to stop. It is a fun stop specially when you have kids with you.

Wanda said...

Amazing Photo's Jose. I have to agree they look so professional, they could be advertisement pictures!

Glad your trip was fun and safe.

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