Monday, December 06, 2010

South Mountain Park

This is what you see as you enter the park.

The other day on a lazy Saturday afternoon with nothing better to do we decided to cruise down to South Mountain Park. I been living in Phoenix for the past 20 years and I had never been there. Sure I see it from the freeway every single day but for the first time we actually went into the park and up the hill to see Phoenix from an eagle's eye.

Almost at the entrance you will find The Ponderosa Stables, for some $35.00 an hour you can take a horseback ride into the park. I'm thinking this definitely may be something to do in the near future.

Scenes from Ponderosa Stables at South Mountain Park.

Going up to the top takes a while. The road is nicely paved but it's narrow and with lots of curves easy to go down the cliffs if distracted. It is also a nice biker destination but again me being a biker I rate this ride as a ride for experienced riders, no rail guards on the road can easily spell disaster.

Ride carefully and this is one heck of a good ride to take.
Now these are my kind of horses

Once up the top you can see the whole valley. Phoenix is a pretty city that really isn't too big. If you are driving on I-10 you can enter Phoenix and leave it in less than an hour. You'll have a clear view of Downtown Phoenix, the Phoenix Airport, the West Valley and even Scottsdale. Really a nice view in every direction.

The view from the top of the mountain is breath taking.

Can't believe one misses so much without even thinking about it. I had been missing this for 20 years and it's only a 20 minute drive from my home. I wonder what other interesting places I am missing. I think I will start a list of places to visit around me.

Looking at the horses and just plain looking pretty.

Scenes from South Mountain Park.


ChrisJ said...

This looks like such a lot of fun. I enjoy those old western scenes and the ones of Phoenix are spectacular. The horse rides look like fun. I have never ridden a horse, except that I sat on one when I was about six -- and it was SO big.

Jose said...

Chris - Really a pretty place, and so close to my house. The horses were big, they actually have a ramp the riders that makes it so much easier to mount the horse.

Chely said...

Beautiful views! How was the weather?

The last time I went horse back riding, was not too pretty. Eso me pasa por no tener pompis! =(

Lovely pictures of the little girl. She looks so sweet.

But that sign to "Tip your Horse & Kiss your Guide" made me crack up!! =D

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