Friday, January 28, 2011

Another Weekend

As I mentioned before it feels to me the weekends although welcomed with open arms just keep coming up too fast. I know the younger generation is probably saying "Are you nuts?" But when you get to be my age it just give the illusion that it will all be downhill from here. See, the way I see it faster weekends mean getting old faster.

With this in mind, I do try to enjoy my Monday through Friday week, but when it's so slow at work and the workday just drags then it is kinda hard to really enjoy it. My days are pretty structured anyway so I am looking for diversity during my weekends.

Our Arizona weather is just being too wonderful so I am trying to squeeze in some ridingand cruising. Wether it's a weekend ride or my Monday and Friday ride to work I just can't get enough riding. I have been ready for a long trip, maybe to California but I just have not made it a reality yet. But who knows, maybe soon.

The car club cruises are also popping out and I definitely want to do some of those too. Next week there will be a cruise to The Desert Rose in Arlington, Arizona. I good hour drive to some Arizona back roads. I have done this in the bike many times but this will be the first time with a bunch of Mustang enthusiasts. I am really looking forward to it.

Going to mass is also something I really look forward during my weekends. The days of being lazy and a procrastinator are hopefully over. In one more month I will be celebrating my first anniversary as a "choir boy", what a fulfilling and life changing experience this has been. The ministry has helped me understand so many things and made the otherwise hard times I went through easier to cope with. So keep cheering me on as I get closer to my anniversary. I love singing for the Lord.

With the great weather also come plenty of dinner invitations. (Sorry friends from back east, I know your weather is not so nice) The carne asada gatherings, pozole, menudo, and just good ol burgers and hot dogs days are here. To me there is nothing like gathering with my family to enjoy eachother's company.

So even if I think the weekends come to soon that I am getting old fast, I do appreciate the blessings I get on a daily basis and thank God for being so good to me.

What are your plans for the weekend? Your month? Your year? Your life? lol Just curious!


MrManuel said...

WHat is funny is that even though I work from home and can work whenever I want to and my wife works 3 days a week at the hospital and they can be any three days, I still look forward to the weekends too!

Sandy said...

How fun to read of your plans and what you hope to do. And congrats on your one year anniversary coming up for choir boy.

My plans include getting out and having fun, whether walking or taking rides or photo safaris, all that good stuff...all year long if possible.

Our weather is so beautiful lately too.

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