Monday, January 24, 2011


If this is what is to come then brace yourselves cause it may be a hot one this year. I took a bike ride last Saturday and the weather was so perfect for it that I only required minimum cold gear. Actually just my leather jacket and that was that and it's only January. I had been itching to ride, the bike had been in the garage unused for more than a month. Hopefuly this year I will be able to log more bike miles than I did last year. Riding is still my passion and something I enjoy doing.

Found this image of an old bike that resembles mine big time.


My daughter in law posted this on her facebook page and I just had to "steal" it. These two beauties are my older grandkids. Tallyna and Brianna. How did this happen? Yesterday they were both babies and today one of them is already in the double digits while the other one is almost there. I feel young but in perspective I makes me feel old knowing my older grandkids will soon be teenagers. Arggggg!

Brianna and Tallyna,


Trying to participate in more car club activities and cruises this year. Time to get back into the swing of things as I knew them. Really looking forward for this year's Fabulous Fords Forever Car Show. Not to mention that knott's Berry Farm will be loads of fun too.


Wanda said...

Hey Jose ~ That first picture ~~ HaHa "Old" bike, "Young" cop!!!!

Your older granddaughters are adorable.

What can I say... Your car...excellent!!!!

MrManuel said...

Getting back into the swing of things is always a plus! The Mustang show sounds like fun!

Sandy said...

cute granddaughters - teenage years ahead, I agree, arrrggg....

Love the car.

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