Wednesday, January 05, 2011

Snow Day!

Hola Familia,

So, for the third time in four years we will be going to the snow. This year everyone agreed on Sunday the 16th since the following Monday is a holiday for the kids and there will be no school. We have always had fun at the snow and I think this will be a good experience for the little ones that have not seen the snow, but not for the three tiny little ones.

I am thinking that like the last time, everyone will travel on their own or on small groups two or three cars together because trying to stay together as a large group proved to be a nightmare. As long as we all leave at around the same time and stay in contact via cell phones we should all get there at around the same time. Last time somehow we all managed to get together in Flagstaff without even trying. That worked out pretty nice. I say use the buddy system, one or two cars together in case someone needs help.

We will be going to Wing Mountain Sledding and Snow Play Area again. For those of you that haven't been there here are some directions that will help you get there:

An Easy Drive Just North of Flagstaff, Arizona.

From Interstate 40, follow Hwy 180 north 2.8 miles past Snowbowl Road to mile marker 226 (approximate), turn left onto Forest Service Road 222B. The exit is clearly marked as “Wing Mountain Snow Play Area.” You can find a map here.

Their fees are as follows: The parking and use fee for the Wing Mountain Snow Play Area is $12 per car. No re-entry is allowed. All children under 16 must be accompanied by and supervised by an adult.

I suggest we all bring food "pot luck" style. so we can all share. And please, buy everything here in town so that we don't have to be wasting time up there in Flagstaff on the actual day.

If you like to visit their website just click here!

Come on gang, let's get together and let's have fun. And please take plenty of warm clothes as well as extra clothes for the kids as they may need it. Do not take them in tennis shoes cause they will freeze and won't enjoy their time up there. We've been there before so everyone should now know what to bring and how to dress.

Let's stay in contact and hope to see as many of you there.


ChrisJ said...

Have fun in the snow, Jose! I'm basking in 75 degrees and NO rain today:)

Anonymous said...

Tio we are tagging along this year!

We will stay in touch!

Love ya,


Jose said...

Yey Vane! The more the merrier. It's fun and not too bac on the pocket.

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