Saturday, February 12, 2011

Jessica's Arrival to Phoenix.

I received an impromptu invitation from my favorite sister-in-law to go pick up my niece Jessica to the airport with the promise that there would be a good chance of some photo ops. Now, how can one refuse to that? Jessica, whom everybody knows is a princess to me, of course I was happy to tag along. Besides I didn't know if Kika knew the airport as good as I do. lol Just had to say that.

So I waited a while and Kika eventually picked me up late I may add. So off we went to the airport where a very frightened girl waited for us. She told us she was by baggage claim so we parked and too the elevators all the way down to the baggage area and within minutes found her. She was on the verge of tears as this was her maiden flight and she felt lost.

Came to find out that they were late taking her to Ontario so she made it in the right flight but her luggage had to wait for the next departure. I found out the next flight would be in at 3:00 and that luggage would be out by 3:20. It was actually close to 3:30 when she finally got her suitcase.

So, due to this the photo ops had to wait as my sister-in-law left the pozzole cooking on the stove, but at least we went up to the restaurant area and ate some (yes, you guessed it) tacos to kill the hour and a half we needed to wait.

Now she is finally here and will be here for the whole week. So, have a fantastic time my princess and welcome to Phoenix.


MrManuel said...

Enjoy your trip, Jessica!

Crystal said...

Oh I bet she had quite the adventure!
I know she must be having a blast by now =)

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