Thursday, February 10, 2011

New Year's Day - Santa Monica Beach

This is probably a land mark. The Santa Monica Pier Carousel.

So it's about a month and a week overdue but here it is. This is my New Year's Day outing to Santa Monica Beach in California. I totally expected the weather to be uncooperative but to my surprise we had a nice warm sunny day with nothing but clear skies. The morning was a little chilly but by 1:00 all we needed was a sweater and lots of "ganas" to walk down the beach.

Lots of walking we did on those pathways along the beach.

I had not been to Santa Monica in well over 25 years so it felt like it was all new to me. The pier is actually a nice place to spend a Sunday afternoon, and if you have some moulla to spend (which we did not) then it's even better. The only thing familiar to me was The Carousel and it's building, everything else was new.

Scenes from Santa Monica, California.

Lots of photo ops for a camera junkie like me. The ocean, the beach line, the pier, the rides, the sunset, and best of all the people walking around there and the ones displaying their talents for a few coins. It was all good and we definetely had a great time.

I so want to go in the summer and ride my bike from Santa Monica to Venice Beach and back. Spend a whole Sunday there watching all the side shows and seeing all these talented people do and display their stuff. I think maybe I will go this summer and do this.

In the meantime I hope you enjoy these images from that day.

Is it too late to say HAPPY NEW YEAR? :-)


Wanda said...

Jose, I think you have seen more in Southern CA than I have, and I live here for goodness Sakes!!!

I need to get out more! Love the pictures.

Sandy said...

Just looking through real quick cause I have to get off...I'll be back to see just where you visited in Santa Monica (I love that place)

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