Sunday, February 27, 2011


I really have not had anything to relate to you guys so I've been quiet. I've been keeping myself at home which really does not give me anything to write about. Weather has been crazy, some days are cold and the next are warm, no wonder everybody is getting sick.

Last week this "Choir Boy" completed his first year as a member of the choir and I can honestly say it has made a big impact in my life. I feel good to be back in church and to be able to serve in this capacity. Really looking forward to the second year. Right now as I type this it's almost time for me to start getting ready to go to church. I have made it a habit to get up early on Sunday and to try to fully wake up by having me my morning cup of coffee while I check for my emails and stuff. My days of rushing to do things are over.

Normally as a treat after mass I get treated to a wonderful meal at my sister's house. What? Me spoiled? Absolutely! :-)

So far I've had a great weekend, both my Friday afternoon and my Saturday morning were most excellent, although my afternoon nap turned out to be a full blown four hour sleep, ha ha what else is new? So I am hoping to close this weekend with a fantastic Sunday, and so far so good.

Well hopefully next week I'll come up with something else to write about but for right now I am just going to wish you all have a fantstic peaceful Sunday hopefuly full of family companionship.


Wanda said...

Sunday's are my favorite day... Our weather has been crazy too. This morning there was ice in the flower pot. The rain filled the pots, and it froze.

EsLocura said...

I think the weather is nuts worldwide, here on the island it has been very windy and night time temps have dropped to 60 degrees from the low 90's during the day, that is chilly for weather for me : ) enjoy your day besos

Jose said...

Well there was snow in our local mountains which if you ask me are more like hills, yet it wasn't really that cold. No denying that the weather is playing tricks on everyone. But it won't be too long till we will start complaining about how hot is is here in Phoenix. Locura and Wanda, wishing you a great Sunday. Hugs and besos to the two of you.

ChrisJ said...

Well Jose I thought you'd been too busy with facebook and twitter, to meet with us old fogies who don't venture much outside the blogger world. Nice to hear about your doings again.

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